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Five Elements Legend of the Last Days

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Chapter 81 Hu Mengdie's Crisis Sense

    Knowing the truth of the matter, Mo Wenying is also a little confused now. In the book he wrote, Hu Mengdie is alive and well, but in the previous life here, why is Hu Mengdie dead? What exactly changed the ending of the story?

    After Hu Mengdie died, what did that world look like? I don’t know if anyone knows what the consequences are. Wait, Zhao Mochen was quite sure that Hu Mengdie was dead. That said, he died behind Hu Mengdie, and that world shouldn't disappear.

    So in other words, if Hu Mengdie deceives herself again and destroys her, there should be no problem.

    At this time, Hu Mengdie was having her own spring and autumn dreams, but now she has dreamed many things through dreaming, and she also knew that she was full of spirits in the end.

    Since coming to this villa area, she found that Hu Yan Haoyu, who manages the entire villa area, is too handsome. In order to hook up with Hu Yan Haoyu, she has exhausted her mind and dressed herself beautifully, but Hu Yan Haoyu But not moved by her.

    Until just now when she saw Hu Yan Haoyu running out of the park with a big smile, she chased after him, "Brother Hu Yan!"

    Hu Yan Haoyu saw Hu Mengdie, and suddenly remembered Zhao Mochen, or take her over to take a look. ?

    "Is there something to do?"

    "I have something to discuss with you. I don't know if you have time?" Hu Mengdie felt that men are still very good. As long as two people can stay together alone, there is always a chance to start.

    "Okay, go to my villa!" Hu Yan Haoyu was begging for something. He wanted to see what this woman would look like when she saw Zhao Mochen. He didn't know when the woman's memory recalled.

    The two walked slowly towards the villa, but Hu Yanyingying, who ran outside to play, saw this scene and immediately ran back, "Brother Chen, hurry up, that Hu Mengdie is here."

    Zhao Mochen frowned, "Why did she come?"

    "Big brother brought her here." Hu Yanyingying said.

    Hao Lianqing looked at Zhao Mochen and said, "I guess Haoyu wants to see how much memory the woman has. Just stay here, don't show any expressions, and see what the woman does to you. "

    Zhao Mochen nodded, he also wanted to see how that woman had become.

    Soon, Hu Yanhaoyu invited Hu Mengdie to the living room. Hu Mengdie found two men sitting in the living room. The two men looked handsome, and at first glance they were not ordinary people. She couldn't help but speak. Asked, "May I ask these two?"

    "The two of them are my friend Hao Lianqing and Zhao Mochen." Hu Yanhaoyu pointed to Zhao Mochen.

    Hu Mengdie has no memory behind, so she doesn't know Zhao Mochen, but she doesn't know why, she seems to feel that this man is dangerous, for her is a crisis, this sense of crisis makes her want to escape Here, however, in order to be able to establish a relationship with Hu Yan Haoyu, she could only hold back it forcibly.

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