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He was looking around the house as you were grabbing your son's shoes to put on him and he waited on the couch.

"This is you pregnant?" He asked, pointing to a photo of you, his hands in his pocket as he had to lean down to look at the photo on a small table where you had photos displayed.

"Yes. Who else would it be?"

"You look sad," He tilted his head as he spoke, observing you in the photo wearing a dress that brought out the shape of your belly.

"Gee, I wonder why? You must be really smart if you figured that out all on your own," You remarked with a roll of your eyes.

"Here," He was standing next to you all of a sudden and handed you a card.


"This is something called a debit card. It has money on it and people use it to buy things. What I'm doing right now is called "giving you something". Do I need to show you how to use it too?" he asks sarcastically and if b/n weren't right here you probably would've gone off on him.

"I hate you. Slightly more than before," you remarked as you were putting shoes on b/n.

"Just take it," he shoved it into the pocket of your jacket as you were putting the shoes on.

"Sit still," you demanded as he was squirming from being anxious to run around.

B/n kept kicking his feet while you were trying to tie his shoes on, causing you to lose your grip on the knot every time he kicked his feet. He may have been intelligent for his age but he was still a toddler.

"Let me do it," Satoru insisted.

"No," you pushed his hand away and grabbed the other shoe to put on.

Satoru sighed as he waited for you to finish, b/n jumped off the couch after you finished. He clung onto Satoru and grabbed Satorus's hand that was bigger than his head. He seemed the most excited to be going back to the academy but he didn't even know what that meant, he just knew that for the first time his Dad was here for him.

"My grandfather isn't at the academy and Principal Yaga isn't there either. We have nothing to worry about," he reassured, turning to look at you with a smile on his face.

"Okay...I'm coming with you,"

"Duh," he replied while walking toward the front door with b/n holding his hand.

You rolled your eyes as you grabbed your house keys and got into Satoru's car. His taste was as expensive as you remember, he had the money to support his expensive lifestyle so you didn't blame him. When you sat in the back seat after buckling in b/n, Satoru looking at you in the rearview mirror.

"Are you serious? Just sit in the front,"

"No I don't want to sit up there with you," you protested as he pulled out of your driveway and started driving further.

"Can't you be mature-?"

"That's gold coming from you. We don't need to speak to each other unless it's about b/n," you enlightened as you stared out the window and
b/n put his hand on top of yours from his car seat.

"But I like talking to you,"

"Should've thought about that three years ago. Just drive," you insisted with a sigh.

"I'm sorry,"

"You're not. You would've apologized sooner if you were. Can we not talk about this now?" You groaned, hoping for silence.

He surprisingly took the hint and the rest of the ride consisted of silence and b/n falling asleep on your shoulder. You ended up pulling him onto your lap so he was asleep on your chest as Satoru approached the academy that was farther than you remembered.

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