Chapter 2

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It was already the evening when I left school and was hurriedly late for my shift to the café. "Shit, I'm already late for work." I complained while Lukas walked beside me, "Then walk faster." Lukas rolled his eyes with a small laugh coming out of his unsealed lips, "Very funny." I mocked.

"Want a ride?" He gazed down at me at the corner of his eye. "Thanks, but no thanks. I can manage." I shook my head no for an answer to his inquiry, "Suit yourself." he shrugged both of his shoulders as we stopped in front of a BMW.

"This is where we will say good bye, what a tragedy it is. Isn't it, (y/n)?" he frowned with a following sigh, "Shut up, people are staring Lukas." I mumbled through gritted teeth, doing my best to not cause a fuss.

"You were supposed to say the line of Juliet, (y/n). Gosh, you're quite a bad coach for my upcoming play." Lukas shook his head and began his all time bleat. I pushed him inside his fancy car and stepped back, "You're making me more late, Lukas. Go home already." I groaned and began to walk to the opposite direction.

"And thus with a kiss I die!" Lukas waved goodbye from beyond, but I was hastened to even look.

"I'm here!" I announced as I entered the staff room while hastily putting on my uniform and apron. "You're twenty minutes late, Miss (L/n). This is the third time this week, I might have to give you a penalty soon." the manager lectured with a tough tone while I laid my head low.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. It won't happen again!" I stared with an apologetic tone and both hands clasped together. She only glared and left the staff room while the other employers looked at me and gave me a small smile. Most of them were college students or adults, I was considered the youngest one out of all the employees.

I began to attend one of the cashiers while I took an order from one of the customers. She had always came here with one drink in mind, "Caffe Mocha, miss?" I questioned with a raised brow while I held the brightest smile I had.

Her face lit up with surprise as she nod her head, "You remember! I guess I'm quite the norm around here, huh?" she tilt her head to the side with a beam. "I've been serving you from time to time, miss and I couldn't help but remember," I answered while I tapped on her order at the screen.

"One Caffe Mocha coming right up!" I announced and hustled my way over to the counter. After I was done making her drink, I slid it to the counter as I called for her name.

"Here's a tip, Miss (L/n)." said she as she slid a twenty dollar bill towards me. "Thank you for your generosity, Miss." I chuckled with delight and carefully crippled it inside my pocket while my manager was busy nagging the other employees.

She was an awful lot, always taking our tips while she showers in her own luxuries.

I went up to my cashier and before I could even greet them good evening, I felt my body go frozen from who was in front of me. "What...what would you like today?" I asked in almost a whisper while I looked down on my screen.

I heard a slight gasp come out of her pink stained lips as she flickered her fingertips to my cap, "Why isn't it Miss (y/n), I must say, brown looks good on you. Its like the color of shit." Gabriella laughed. "I do not want to cause any ruckus, ma'am. What would you like today?" I nudged the question once more.

"What I want is another employee to serve me, not some trash that belongs in the dumpster." Gabriella stated with pure disgust and mockery to be intended.

I felt like I was going to blow in any minute, like a kettle about to bluster off steam.

"Of course, as your request." I forced a beam, perceiving my manager's daggering stare from across the counter.

I stood away from the counter and switched place with someone that voluntarily took my place in the cashier. I began to wipe the countertops while I hum a melody in my head, doing my hardest to keep my composure from falling apart like a train wreck. I'll save that for later.

Unexpectedly, I heard a screeching scream from behind as my eyes shot up in a panic.

I turned to my heels and felt a loud suspire escape from my unsealed lips. Gabriella was soaked inpioing hot coffee while the kind lady I had served momentarily gazed at her up and down.

"How dare you! This is an insult! I'm telling my father about this!" Gabriella whined while the lady didn't seem to mind, "Go and run to your father, girl. And tell him how you treat employees here. My lawyers will be in contact." Said she as a small smile lit up on my face.

Gabriella looked at me then back to her soaking wet clothing as she stormed out of the place. The kind lady took notice of me amd gave me a little nod as she hurried out of the café.

After a long hour of serving customers, my shift finally ended. It was already night and the stars seemed to be twinling from up above.

I said my goodbyes to my co-workers and parted ways as I walked on the quiet streets, on the way to my apartment.

I stopped for a moment, feeling the shivers of the night like I was being watched.

I clutched on my backpack tightly and gazed around, but no one seemed to be there.

I began to blissfully walk back home and finally safely returned as I threw my backpack to the side and left my shoes on the mat.

I let out a heavy sigh and jumped to my bed. I turned my head to the glass door to the little balcony as I saw a shadow from across the street.

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