The Stunning Beauty of Red.

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R e d.

Standing on a soaking sidewalk,

Drenched straight to the core

Watching as you pawn your pities off

On some unsuspecting whore,

Collapsing into her being,

Listen to her sigh.

Have you felt the pain I feel,

Or cried the tears that I have had to cry?

I walk up to the front door,

Turn the so-familiar knob.

Listening to her say your name

Makes my hand begin to throb

Against the smooth metal of the pistol,

The trigger tempts me once again

But should I soil my still-clean hands

With such necessary sin?

I keep my calm and push the door open,

I see her close inside your arms

By softly caressing another,

Can't you see you're doing harm?

Listen to her laughter,

She loves to play this game.

But there's always laughter in slaughter,

So let's see if you're capable of shame.

My ears ring louder than the gunshot will,

I can guarantee you that

As I slowly sneak up behind you

And shove the pistol in your back.

I move it up your spine slowly,

Convulsing at the feel of metal on skin,

As I give in to madness wholly,

Screaming as my sanity caves in..

"Now listen, dear, I gave you everything,

And never asked for anything in return,

But now you've thrown away my love

And you're forcing me to burn.

I'll never claim I didn't love you,

But you said there was too much on your mind.

Well I understand, I know thoughts can be heavy like lead.

But be still as I finally help you clear your fucking head."

I swallowed and I pulled the trigger,

"And all I saw was red."

She screams and she begins to run,

"You can't escape me, not this time.

I've thought about this so many nights,

And now you're finally mine.

I suspect he said that he loved you?

It seems every lie is now a joke.

But I can't laugh at that,

A four letter word on which to choke.

Are you trying to scream for help?

No body can hear you!

I bet your soul will melt,

Here, I'll call out with you.

But I've suffered long enough, and now it's your turn to bleed.

So do what you do best,

And fucking get down on your knees.

Feel the metal now on your scalp?

Are you ready to bleed?"

She turned around and stared at me,

whispered, "Let me go you stupid  bitch."

And all I saw was blinding red

As my trigger finger twitched.

I looked all around me, contemplating what I'd done.

After surrounding myself in this darkness,

Could I truly find the sun?

This was painless, this was easy,

For them, they were cut so much slack.

So I placed the gun close to my temple,

Stared at the passionate scratches on your back,

Got the guts to pull the trigger,

And all I saw was black

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