Gaara's POV

   A written test, huh? Judging from the question difficulty, this was written for jonin. They want us to cheat. Good thing I have a trick up my sleeve...

   I activated my third eye, an eye made of sand. Now I could easily find answers from someone who has them. Knowing Temari and Kankuro, they know the answers. At least some. But Suzume...

Suzume's POV

   How am I supposed to know any of this? I know that it's against the rules to cheat, but if i fail...

   Ok. I have to cheat. But how? I only know a defensive jutsu, a little taijutsu, and a little genjutsu. None of that will work here. Ibiki said something about the 10th question, but what if that won't pass me?

   I can help.

   What was that? A voice inside my head?

   You can't pass without my help. Allow me.

   Without any consious thinking, I covered my left eye with one hand. Then suddenly, a small eye popped up behind one of the people who has been writing answers the whole time. With my closed eye, I saw the answers. How can I do this? I thought only Gaara can use the Third Eye...

   Thank me later. Focus on passing this test for now.

   Who the hell are you???

   I'm afraid I can't tell you yet, dear Suzume. You will find out in time. Don't mind me. I will only help you.

   How can I trust you? Is this some crazy jutsu?

   Oh I am real. As real as you or anyone else.

   Well shut up!

   I heard a faint growl inside my head, as I kept writing down more answers Did I just have an argument with myself? Weird.

   "Okay everyone. The hour is up, time for the tenth question." Everyone shifted around with nervousness.  "Here is the deal. You could either drop out now, along with the rest of your squad, and participate in the exams next year, or you can recieve the tenth question. If you answer the tenth question wrong, then you may never participate in the chunin exams again, and you will remain a genin for the rest of your life. Your decision. If you would like to drop out now, please raise your hand."

   A few people raised their hands, and they along with their team, were escorted out of the building. By the look on Naruto's face, I could tell he was considering it. I will not drop out. I won't let my siblings down, even if it means me staying a Genin forever.

Gaara's POV

   I'm surprised Suzume didn't drop out. If she did, I wouldn't be that mad. But she is risking her chance of being a higher rank so I can go on. That takes true courage. I'm proud of my little sister.

Suzume's POV

   "It seems that nobody esle is raising your hand," Ibiki, the proctor said. "Congratulations, you all passed the first test!"

   Everyone (literally everyone) took a look of shock.

   "You all put your rank at risk for the sake of your comerades. That's a trait only a true chunin would have. "

   Suddenly, someone burst through the window. It was some lady holding a banner.

   "You're early, Anko. Again," Ibiki stated.

   She grunted at Ibiki, and then spoke- "Hello! I am Anko, the proctor for the second round of the Chunin Exams!"


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