Part 1

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Nick's POV

-In Church- 

I can't believe it. My brother is finally tying the knot with his girlfriend, Miley. They been together for about a year and they are already getting married. I, on the other hand haven't found the one. I feel as if I'm getting beat at my own game. He was always the one who played with girl's feelings while me, well I was trying to stick to one but they always seemed wrong for me.

I've been with about 6 girls in the past year and none of them seems as if they were the right one for Nick freakin' Jonas. Well there has always been one girl on my mind but she was an impossible because she dated Joe, my brother the one that's getting married to Miley, well yea she dated him and I can't date her because me and my brothers made a pact on never getting with each others exes. How I regret never having the courage on asking her out first.

The wedding song starts and the bride comes down the aisle towards her soon to be husband. That's when I see her with a baby blue dress that went up to her knees and her hair is up in perfect bun. She's the girl I've always known was the one. The bride gets to the groom and the ceremony begins, I try to pay attention but somehow my attention goes back to her and her beauty.

I never knew Joe or Miley had invited her, if I had known I would have prepare myself for this situation.

The wedding is finally over. The newlyweds are walking down the aisle all happy. I decide to be the last one to go outside, just so I could stare at her. As the last people were leaving I decided to leave thinking she had left to her next destination. I exit the church walking to my car but I hear a voice.

I approach were I had heard the voice. "I can't believe you decide to stop working on me just now you piece of sh-"

"Demi?" I said inturrupting her.

"Nick?" She said looking at me with a big smile on her face.

"Hey how have you been?" I said while walking towards her enveloping her in a tight hug.

"Well before this car of mine stopped working I was great. What about you?" She said while pulling away from the amazing hug which left me heartbroken because I didn't want her to pull away from me so quickly.

"I'm great." I said, but I wanted to tell her that I'm perfect just because she's standing right in front of me. If you haven't really caught up the girl I was talking about in church was Demi. She's the only girl I have really wanted in my life but it never came to be jus-

"Nick!? Are you okay?" She said interrupting my thoughts.


"Are you okay?"

"Yea why wouldn't I be?"

"Well you've been standing in the same spot staring into space for the last couple of minutes. Plus you didn't answer my question."

"What question was that?"

"Um nothing forget about it." She said looking sort of... sad?

"I should ask you the same question?"

"What question?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yea I am... why wouldn't I be?"

"Just asking. So where you headed to?"

"I am headed to the same place as you." I gave her a confused look. "The wedding reception... isn't that where your're going?"

Yes! We're going to the same place. Nick don't smile so big, oh great too late I'm aleady smiling big.

"Why so smiley?" She asked me, while also smiling.

"Um... because I just remembered that... my brother just got married a couple of mintues ago."

When I said that her smile faded. Great she's still in love with Joe. No way will she ever like me, let alone love me. Not that I would break the pact that Joe, Kevin, and I made several years ago.

"So I guess I will see you later." She said.

"What about you... and your car?" I said not really caring about her car, just her.

"I'll call my dad to pick me up and I'll also call a tow truck."

"I'll wait with you then."

"Really? You would wait with me until my dad comes."

"Of course! What are f-fr-iends for." I said giving her a fake smile.

"Thanks Nick you are a great friend." She said while giving me a hug. While we were hugging I took her vanilla scent that will never leave my nose.

While Demi and me waited for her dad we caught up with each others lives and we joked around like old times... which I missed so much. When she was about to leave I made her promise me that she would save the last dance for me at the reception. After she promised me she kissed me in the cheek... unfortunately. I would have loved it, if that kiss was on my soft lips.


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