Part 4

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Last Part! Hope you all enjoyed this one-shot! School has been a big pain, so that would be a reason why I haven't updated 'The Babysitter'! BUT expect a update this Friday OR Sunday (more likely this day)! Enjoy!


Nick's POV

I took a deep breath and turned around to find the girl I'm in love with. I instantly smile. I open my mouth to speak but I don't know what to say, so I closed it. We stood there in an awkward silence, but the good kind of awkward.

"Hey." She said breaking the silence.

"H-hey Dems." I said. "I thought you left?"

"I did but I got a call from someone who told me something that I really didn't believe, so I had to come back here to prove it."

"Oh and who called you?"

"Um... well it was two people who called me. Would you like to know who they were?" Oh no! I have this bad feeling. "It was Joe and Kevin." Shoot! "You know they told me something that is incredibly surprising. Do you know what they told me?" I shook my head 'no'. "They told me that there little brother has feelings for me."

"Look Dems I know that you don't have the same feelings towards me as I do too you but if you would give-"

"No." She said breaking my heart. I felt my world stop the girl I love doesn't have the same feelings I have towards her.

I cleared my throat. "I had a feeling you didn't have any feelings for me but I just wished that yo-" I was caught off by fireworks that were going insane. Demi's soft lips were on mine. I couldn't comprehend what was happening. She just told me she didn't have feelings for me like I did. Her lips stopped moving and I was confused as to why she stopped kissing me but then I remembered I didn't kiss her back. When Demi was about to pull away I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer to me and kissed her. She kissed me back instantly. We kiss for two minutes then she pulled away.

"Wow!" She said putting her forehead against mine.

"Why did you kiss me if you don't have feelings for me?"

"Well Nicholas I was going to continue with what I was saying but you interrupted me. So do if don't mind I would like to continue with what I was going to say?" I motioned for her to continue, I so want to hear what she is going to say. "No... you don't know how I actually feel about you. Back when we first met for me it was like love at first sight. I instantly fell in love with you and your personality, but I always thought that you thought of me as a friend or a sister. When Joe asked me out I will admit I was bummed out that it wasn't you who asked me out, so out of sadness I accepted the date with him. But then it didn't work out and I got my heart broken. I will admit I sort of got over you but then today in the morning I saw you and then I fell for you once again. When I say I fell for you once again I mean I fell in love with you again." When she finished I was speechless she did feel the same way. I grabbed her face and kissed her passionately. She pulled away after sometime. "So did you mean everything you told your brothers?"

I looked at her confused, but then I remembered what I had told them about how I felt for her. "Yes, I did mean everything I said to them Dems... I love you and I've only loved you. No other girl has been in my mind like you have been."

"So then what does this make us?"

"Whatever you want us to be."

"Will then, I guess it's safe to have our first kiss as a couple now?" She said getting super close to me.

"Then I guess it is safe." With that I gave her another kiss, but our first kiss as a couple. I felt her smile during the kiss, which made me smile. I'm happy she was invited to my brother's wedding, if she wouldn't have been invited I wouldn't be this happy with my future wife.





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