Chapter 18

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He strode angrily to his chamber mumbling and rebuking himself. He thought he could kiss her and maintain control of his desire for her. He was treading on dangerous ground having her so close.

Why was it so difficult for him to believe her?

Shaking his head he cursed. Things like this simply did not happen.

She was sent here by someone.  She probably has everyone else fooled but not him.

He turned and walked over to his bed. He quickly discarded his clothing and climbed in to large king. Resting his head on his pillow, his eyes stared at the ceiling above him. His mind toiled and swam with the vision of her in his arms. Try as he might to forget about her, his eyes closed and the images of their kiss burned on his mind. 

Staying away from her wasn't going to be an easy task. He let out a frustrated  breath, turning to his side he closed  his eyes, exhaustion  had him in a deep  sleep immediately .


The early morning light caught her at the windowsill  looking out at the beautiful scenery  before her. The slight tap at the door broke her from her thoughts, and she turned to watch Moira poke her head through the door.
With a bright smile, she welcomed the elderly woman that tended to her with such a caring heart. She entered with three other serving girls.

"Good morning  lass, I pray you slept well?" She smiled at Tara with a warm grin.

Raising her knees to her chest she smiled back with a warm smile as well.

"Yes,I did Moira."

With a curt nod,  Moira turned to instruct the girls on spreading her bed and setting her clothing out to wear for the day.

The bright summer day began with a glorious start. all of the towns people attended to their chores.  Duncan and  Aidan along with their men trained in the list mock battle among the men began while others engaged in swordplay and rough wrestling matches. Not one man passed the opportunity for swordplay or joust with their lords.  The day continued on with their practice. Tara felt the long day drool on after breakfast she walked around the vast corridors looking at paintings and sculptures. she felt very bored there was nothing to do.  she felt tired of being in her room so she decided to eat breakfast but to her amazement everyone ate and left.
So she ate alone.

Slowly she walked the corridor until she passed an open door. The inviting light beckoned her closer as she nudged it open softly. Looking around, she peeped her head in then saw Duncans father sitting at a large table. The room was a huge library they would call it a study or Solar the bright light of the day gave the room all it's necessary light needed to write and read. Slowly she walked in and knocked. Soft gray eyes looked up from beneath bushy snow white brows.  With a happy smile Ardolf stood and welcomed Tara to come in, guiding her to the chairs near the windows she faced him.

"How do you fair my child ?" he smiled looking at the rare beauty before him . She was dressed in a delicate beige gown, soft ringlets of raven curls drizzled her shoulder and down her back.  The soft honey tone of her eyes gave him a warm feeling to have a young beautiful girl as she in the keep.

He would have loved to have a daughter along with his two boys. But, his beloved Eleanor could bear no more for with the birth of Aidan he had lost his precious love forever. The simple enjoyment of this child's presence was all he needed. She was a share blessing from God set before him.

Slowly she smiled "I am ok" she said softly.

"And what may I do for you my dear child," he gave her a hearty smile.

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