Chapter 2

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Translated by Neirith

Sun Nuo sat nervously in the chair, squeezing his hands. His entire person appeared like a little white rabbit that had strayed into a wolf's den.

Ling Qing sat down beside him and felt the little white rabbit's shoulders shrink. "Please drink." He handed Sun Nuo a glass of wine.

"Thanks." Sun Nuo whispered.

"What do they call you?"

Sun Nuo looked at the handsome man before him and hesitantly replied, "Nuo Nuo."

Ling Qing smiled, "My surname is Ling. You can call me Brother Ling."

Sun Nuo obediently cried, "Brother Ling."

Xu Han happened to be drinking with his friends when he turned his head and saw the newly married wife of his childhood friend sitting not far away, flirting with a boy.

Wine caught in his throat and he choked, coughing for a long time. The beauty next to him immediately pat him on the back.

He looked up again and saw Ling Qing talking and having a good time. Then, the two of them stood up and walked towards the second floor of the bar.

Fuck! The second floor was for patrons who didn't wish to return home that night!

At that moment, Xu Han felt his childhood friend's head was going to become a grassland*. *he was about to wear a green hat

He stood up and took out his phone, motioning for the waiter to help him keep an eye on Ling Qing.

Yu Chen had just returned home from work when his phone rang. He picked it up and heard a panicked voice, "Brother! Not good, hurry up! Your wife is running around behind your back, sewing green grass!"

Yu Chen: ...

He felt incredulous, "What did you say?"

"Hurry up or you'll hear the raindrops falling on this green grass!" Then, Xu Han hung up the phone and asked the waiter which room Ling Qing had gone to so he could exercise his muscles and make a kill.

Ling Qing was chatting with Sun Nuo. Sun Nuo was still a university student, and it was his first time in this place. He was timid around Ling Qing, not daring to speak too loudly.

But Ling Qing didn't care. He just liked beauties, whether they were big or small, tender or fresh; he didn't want to do anything with them, just wanted to watch them and chat.

As the two were talking, there was a knock on the door. Sun Nuo was startled.

Ling Qing got up and opened the door. A handsome man walked in.

"What's the matter?" Towards good looking people, Ling Qing was genteel.

Xu Han looked between him and Sun Nuo before coldly snorting, "Sister-in-law, it's only been two days of marriage and you've already come out to steal someone?"

Surprised, Sun Nuo looked at Ling Qing in shock.

Ling Qing smiled, "Just looking to chat. Since you're here too, come on in."

Xu Han: In ??? !!!

Ling Qing looked at his eyes and knew he had thought up something crooked. "I'm talking about chatting, get in here." He closed the door and back down across from Sun Nuo.

They were sitting around a round tea table on the balcony. It was quite elegant. Seeing this, Xu Han plopped down between them, looking to the left and right, his eyes full of doubts.

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