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Chapter Nine

'Unwanted confessions '

Sky's POV

Don't go too far I thought to her as I raced through the forest at such a speed, but the young white wolf still ran ahead of me. My wolf threw back her head as I howled, feeling the sense of freedom, like I always got when I'm in my wolf form. The moon was shinning between breaks in the canopy of the thick dark trees, creating a mystic glow to the forest floor. I heard the near paw falls of Klaus beside me, as we ran together. Watching as our little girl ran further and further away from us. Why can't I run any faster? I need to be closer to her, why was I slowing down? I looked towards Klaus only to see he was no longer at my side. Instead, it was the sight of some all too familiar forms. But this wasn't the same. They were closer to me this time, not my parents. They were too close, far too close. I looked around for my little white wolf. She was still running with not a care in the world. Run my little girl I thought trying to catch up with her, but my paws were tangled beneath me in a twisted mess as I collapsed on the floor. The wolves pounced on me, biting every inch of my body, my back, my legs, my face, my... neck.  

"Sky! Sky angel, wake up for me please" I heard Klaus faintly in the back of my head, but I couldn't open my eyes, I didn't want to see my attackers, I couldn't, I wouldn't! 

"Damn, Sky wake up!" wait where did Wesley come from? Is he getting attacked too? NO! I screamed, only to be cut off short, when a hand landed on the side of my cheek, I knew it was Klaus due to the way, sparks ran through my body. He was here? It was one thing them killing me, but it was a whole other thing when they attack my mate! With that I shot my eyes open ready to try and fight off my attackers, so I could help him, but my eyes hit a white wall of nothing. It was so bright it hurt my eyes.  

"Angel, baby your ok, I'm here your going to be ok" Klaus's voice ran through me, filling me with a happiness that I couldn't imagine. He was ok, he was alright! That was all that mattered, but he called me Angel, does that mean I was dead? Does that mean that bright light in front of my eyes was heaven?  

I opened my eyes again to come face to face with the bright light and had to blink a few times. Wasn't heaven supposed to be perfect? Well I would have thought, the first thing they'd have changed would have been this damned bright light! Which to any human, especially a sharp-sighted werewolf was defiantly much too bright to possibly do any good. But as I looked around, I realised I was not in fact in Heaven or even dead at all, I was buried deep in white linen, my eyes, drowsy from my terrible nightmare was following a twisted red line until it disappeared into the white linen. Only after staring at it for what seemed like ages, realisation hit me to what it was.  

"EWWW! Get this wire out of me" I screamed as I felt the IV sticking into my vein. My shaking hand quickly went to rip it out - something that small shouldn't be in me! aww no, no, no. Just before my hand made contact with the horrible devise a hand clamped itself over mine.  

"Klaus, p... please take it out of me" I cried, tearing my eyes away from the torture devise to his Warm grey eyes. 

"I'm sorry, I cant, you lost a lot of blood" he whispered sadly.  

"Please" I cried again, watching as his face blurred as the next set of tears began to escape. 

"I... I can't do that honey" he murmured, as his hand loosened its grip on mine, only to take it again, but this time placing it gently in his. In that moment I forgot all about the IV, because my mind, body and soul was focused on one thing and one thing only. Klaus, and the way his gentle touch sent tiny electric shocks through me, which seemed to hit each and every part of my body. I stared into his hard eyes as he stared intently back into mine, with an emotion I still didn't understand, though I was pretty sure that the same emotion was in my eyes now as I looked back at him.  

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