His End - Part 2

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Today is the 8th of March, a very special day. Usually, I would never give any significance to a specific day, I did grow up in the White Room where every day was the same, as blank and white as that room was.

However, things have changed now, I have been living a colorful life thanks to my girlfriend Karuizawa Kei. And March 8 is the day she was born, my girlfriend's birthday.

"Okay she's still sleeping"

I sneak out of our room making sure that Kei wouldn't wake up. After all, I want to surprise her with an amazing birthday.

"She's all I've been thinking about recently..."

I smiled as I said that to myself, I also remembered what Kei told me the other day "you've been too soft lately" I don't really understand what she means by that, but I hope it's a good thing.

I head out to the mall at 6 AM, which is extremely early, so early in fact that none of the shops opened yet.

"Oh, I guess I'm too early."

I didn't take myself for an airhead but I guess this is what happens when my mind is full of Kei and nothing els-


My thoughts were interrupted by an impact on the back of my head.



I take a quick step away to gain distance from whatever just assaulted me. As I'm stepping away I take a glimpse backward to see the face of my enemy.

"Completely dressed in black while hiding their face...is this what they call mugging?"

An arm reaches out from the opposite direction and grabs me.

"You're not going anywhere, kid."


There was more than one guy, as I shook the other one's hand away my vision was colored in red.


It took me a second to realize, a third guy slashed my forehead with a knife, and the blood coming out reached my eyes. I stagger a bit but manage to stay standing,


"What? It's not like I was trying to kill him, I just wanted to aim for his eyes that way he wouldn't resist so much."

Two of the three men in black were arguing, I took that as a chance to recover my energy and wipe the blood out of my eyes. I might have taken this a little too lightly. 

"Listen you moron, I know our client said we can rough him up a bit as long as we capture him, but don't forget that he wants to use him as a bargaining chip. What good will he be if you cripple him???"

"If you don't like how I'm trying to catch him then go ahead and do it yourself I'll just watch from
the sidelines"

Seeing one of the guys letting their guard down to step away, I take that as a chance to sprint away as fast as I can. This isn't a fight I can win with my current condition.


After a long chase I ended up losing them however, I suddenly felt weak and collapsed.

"Oh...the adrenaline must've...ran..out...."

As I was slowly losing consciousness I realized my mistakes. I let my guard down simply because I was thinking about Kei so much. 

"Is....this what...she meant...by....be..ing....too...so..f..t..?"

As I thought about Kei, I passed out in the middle of a random playground.

To be continued.

Author Note: 

oof last time I updated was in April?  you gotta thank that one comment who reminded me to update otherwise I would've forgotten about this. anyways the story gets a lot darker from here on so if you don't like that kind of stuff then you probably shouldn't read this anymore. (go read the Kei & Cote Anime fanfic that one has nothing dark about it) 

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