Chapter 1 "The Dreams I had".

"Hey Leah I'm off out for a bit won't be long just going to go to the park and have a stroll there and back"

"OK Jade just don't be too late in like last time, remember you were sat on the bench for 3 hours just thinking about your dreams in life!"

"ha ha that was funny no I won't be long I promise"

so there I went out of the door grabbed my keys and off the side as I went. As I was entering the park all the leafs were on the floor it was Autumn and I love this time of year. So I was just minding my own business and it was warm but windy and a bit foggy it was coming to around 6:30pm. Then I heard someone shout


*thump* As I opened my eyes I saw a face that looked so familiar then my eyes opened wide then I saw the man of my dreams....

"Opps sorry love didn't see you there"

"Oh my god your the Louis Tomlinson!"

as he smiled "Yes I am"

"Sorry me and the lads were messing around with our nurf guns and I must of fell on you"

"Oh it's OK by the way your still on top of me?."

" I am and I like it here"

I blushed and we just stared at each other of a couple of seconds then I heard Harry Styles

"Louis? you over here? Hey! Lou who is this lovely lady?" as he got off of me.

"Watch it Harry she is mine!"

"Well I am sorry about falling onto you again, maybe call me some time yeah? Good! See you later"

Then as I watched him walk away I shouted "Louis by the way my name is Jade"

then I thought wait I don't have his number as I was just about to shout him again I saw a piece of paper on the floor saying *My number* as I picked it up I started to walk away myself and started to smile.

As I got back to the house Leah said


In reply I said "Leah you won't believe it the Louis Tomlinson knocked me over by accident and we started to talk and Harry Styles came over then Louis gave me his number and said I should call him sometime!"

Leah *Gasps* "really that is so strange and amazing! Well Jade looks like your dream is coming true."

"Yeah...looks like it is."

As i went to bed I started thinking is this a new life for me has my future just flashed right in front of me?....

                                                         ......To be continued......

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