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"Ugh, on hiatus? Again?"

Again? I was on hiatus all along lol Joking aside,, It's serious-me time. Here it goes.

Yes. I'm rewriting the hunter's mate. Don't worry, almost everything important will stay the same; characters, plot, arcs, some iconic scenes... But I might discard a few I cringe at. This decision was made after months of mentally suffering from trying to close this story down to an ending I was satisfied with.

To start this story was NEVER PLANNED. LIKE AT ALL. My eleven-year-old self just wanted to write a hot asshole alpha and a badass huntress as a couple and together they hee-haw in werewolf land (SEE? I COULDN'T EVEN NAME IT THE HUNTRESS' MATE FOR GOD'S SAKE). From chapter two and onwards it was a blind adventure for all of us. In every chapter, I just make up the plot and background stories along the way. I know others do that too but I just don't know how they manage to end it. I have a very very very vogue ending in mind, but every detail I've thrown in this book is running around butt naked mocking me while I try to chase them down to no avail with a rope that was supposed to tie them all together.

Trust me when I say I feel just as disappointed, if not more, for doing this. After years, I finally overcame my guilt and internal hatred for this book, but I'm now feeling déjà vu of the time before I ghosted the book again; completely engrossing myself in schoolwork just to do something else, justifying my reasons of avoiding it just to feel better, and last, the absolute feeling of dread of facing this book. I badly want to finish this, but it feels like forcing myself with schoolwork knowing I'll do a mediocre output because I wasn't interested in the subject. I just couldn't be satisfied with a lacklustre ending. I don't want to make the readers feel 'huh?' or 'meh' or 'well that was a waste of my time i need to pee' after finishing it.

This was the most practical decision if I want to end this book once and for all in my current state of mind. A rewrite. Hopefully within this year. It's our break so I have the time, but I can't promise a deadline because of College. I promise to try and squeeze everything in me to finish it (a lot of coffee will pour out if I do that though...)

I'll only be returning with a full manuscript so that I can upload it on a consistent schedule.



F R E E.

How can you take my words for it? How will you know these aren't empty promises? Well, I'm not a politician.

TDLR (Too Long Didn't Read): Me grrr. Me rewrite. Me comeback with full manuscript. Me promise. Oh-oh-ah-ah. Banana mmmm.

I hate that those were supposed to be my last words (I couldn't help putting it because my lonely ass laughed as I wrote it at 2am so I had to okay)... so this is my final message:


You've reached the end of published parts.

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