S6, Chapter 5: DAENERYS

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"There has to be a different way."

Daenerys was pacing back and forth. The grey stone walls were married to the unmaintained tapestry. The amber brightness came from the only lit torch in the corner of the room. On the side, next to the large wooden door, a long table chipped at its corners and feet, which made it wobbly. Three chairs were stored under, their back post, damaged to its core; only the seat, apron, and legs survived.

Lady Zenad was sitting on one of them and although she couldn't see, she could hear the footsteps and it made her lightheaded.

ZENAD: You will not find better answers by stomping quicker.

Dany stops to look at her.

ZENAD: Or louder.

DANY: I will not have you murdered.

ZENAD: You are saving us.

DANY: There has to be another way. A better way.

ZENAD: The Joghosi are not known for their skills in negotiation or their talents in diplomacy. You did more than any would. Thanks to you, the gods will not hear our pain when we join them.

DANY: I could speak to the Jhet again—

ZENAD (correcting her): —Jhat.

DANY: Yes, the one with the scar, and this time, warn him I will not go with them unless all of you—

ZENAD: —A war chief only answers to war. If you do not do as they say, they will torture us and take you anyway. You are to wed their chief of chiefs because you have respect of the moon. When the moon gives them sign, they answer the sign but they will die a thousand deaths before they lose their pride to a woman's will. You've given us a clean end. It is more than we could hope.

Dany noticed the same defeated look on Zenad the night before. When she was translating for Dany in the center of the torture chamber, her monotonous tone suggested defeat. The Joghosi are fearsome, to be sure. Nonetheless, in large numbers. The scarred Jhat, most of all. But Zenad did not look intimidated. She looked lost, desperately searching for answers to questions freshly blossomed. Moddabha had just left her, yet she truly believed her daughter to be in a better place. Perhaps she wanted to join her and why wouldn't she? What future was there to fight for? And for whom?

Seated on the chair tonight, her tone was the same, her stature too. Zenad did not look the leader of her tribe, just old age waiting to waste away.

DANY: What do you think actually happened?

Dany was pondering as she was looking up, out from a small squared crack in the wall.

The sky dusked, and before the sun had set, the moon was up, bright and full. Why did it leave and come back? All she knew is what they all saw.

ZENAD: The gods always listen to prayers; only sometimes do they decide to answer.

DANY: But I didn't pray.

ZENAD: I did.

Dany turned to Zenad for but a moment to find the blind lady staring down at the tapestry, motionless. Dany wondered if anything she said could balance Zenad's state of mind. She looked back up at the white orb.

DANY: No. I've seen this before. In Pentos, once. My brother was attempting to gather support in Myr. I was a girl of ten and saw the moon disappear in the sky in front of my eyes.

Dany's fixed focus on the bright globe made her see double. There were two moons as far as she could see; one for each eye. And when her eyes were satisfied, and her focus rested, the two white circles blended back into one.

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