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Miku's POV

I went to school the next day and once I reached the gates I was welcomed by a crowd.....What the?

I managed to escape and I went to my classroom....but that was also a bad move because my classmates were now crowding around me. What is wrong with these people?

"EVERYBODY MOVE!" I heard someone scream, and that someone just happens to be Seulgi, my bestfriend. Thank God!

After her loud outburst the crowd went back to their seats, yeah my bestie is really scary sometimes.

She then came to me and squealed. Now what!?

"OMG GIRL! YOU DID GREAT!" she said as she was jumping for joy. huh?

"What are you talking about? are all of you sick or something? no! I dont want to be crazy to! get away from me!" I said, OMG! what if there is a virus spreading? no no no!~

Then she suddenly slapped me which made me stop imagining crazy things.

"What do you mean sick? You havent seen it yet?" She asked me.

"Seen what?" what does this girl mean?

"This!" she went to her seat and grabbed something from her bag then showed it to me...

It was my picture at the cover! The photoshoot yesterday! they already released it? that was fast.

I stared at the magazine wide-eyed.

"Miku! you look so professional here!" She said. such a proud bestfriend.

"Thank you!" I replied and hugged her.

Then the bell rang and the teacher arrived so we went back to our seats.

[fast forward-dismissal]

I was walking home after bidding goodbye to my bestfriend.

One I reached home I went to my room, changed clothes, and openned my facebook account, but once I openned it SHOCK was written all over my face.

400+ new friend request! that's like almost everybody in the highschool department!

I accepted all the requests and believe me it took 50 mins to accept them all...

Then I scrolled down on my home page and I cant believe how many likes I got! woah~

Just when I was busy scrolling down on my newsfeed this time my phone started to ring.

I picked it up and answered.


'Hello, is this Shin Miku?'

"Yes. who is this?"

'Oh great! Im a friend of the person who hired you at your last photoshoot, and I was wondering if you would like to model for our brand?'

"Oh! of course!"

'Great! let's meet up at the cafe' near your school tomorrow at 10:00 am and I'll discuss everything to you.'


'Oh! and I will also be bringing your partner with me. okay bye!'

"Partner? hey wa-"

I didnt finish what I was going to say when she ended the call.

I wonder who's my partner? well, I will meet that person tomorrow!

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