Chapter 31

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I looked up to see the clock indicating the time we already spent here, it's been half hour

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I looked up to see the clock indicating the time we already spent here, it's been half hour.

"I solved it!". One of my teammates shouted.

"Keep on finding clues, everyone!". I cheer for them while looking at the phone beside the laptop.

I noticed the highlighted number that brings a smile to my lips.

As of now we already have 4 numbers. Just then I realized the laptop was on the table. I looked around again and saw the numbers that uses every murder scene the yellow one where they used it to mark the evidence.

There are only four evidence markers and it is placed in every area where we found the numbers.

"Everyone, I think the numbers we have is enough. Come here". I called them and opened the laptop again.

"Look at those markers-". I pointed at the four markers.

"Each of them represents the order of the number for us to open this laptop". I explained.

"First, In that cabinet, since there's a number 1 mark, what number do we get there?". They said it while I encoded it.

"Next, on that painting". We quickly finished encoding the numbers, I entered it, I closed my eyes tightly.

But it's an error, I gave it a try again but still nothing happened. I get irritated and go to the door. I noticed that when you enter the room, the first thing you will see is the painting since it's kinda off to the theme. I love to the right, just like the painting, the cabinet is also noticeable. It looks so new but the smell is not that good. The two other things to make it highlighted.

"Let's try again, guys". I go back in front of the laptop.

I opened it and encoded the number we found again but in different places and it works!

"Indeed, nothing is impossible whenever you are". Link said to me that it makes me giggle.

There's a message between the victim and the other one is her husband because of its nickname. Just then I noticed that there's a lot of keypad cell phones scattered around the room.

The message on the laptop that is supposed to send is on numbers. There's a little bit of tiny blood on the laptop, it looks like a part of the laptop because of its design.

(6-3)(8-2)(7-3) (7-4)(6-3)(6-2)

(3-1)(4-3)(3-1) (8-1)(4-2)(4-3)(7-4)

That was the numbers on the message bar.

"What is the meaning of this?". Youngbin asked while analysing the numbers.

"I don't know either". I replied and gave up. I get up to the other area.

I've been seeing the family picture on the side table but I don't find anything suspicious in that. I took it and looked at the photo closely, to the point that my face and the frame are 1 inch apart.

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