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My Mom has been Sick for the Past 2 Years I became a Warrior Candidate 1 Year ago I live in the Internment Zone today about Only 20 Or so of us kids will be Left.. I Was talking too my Best Friend

"Hey.. Lance.. I qualified! I will be with the 20 Kids! Now To make sure I Get it down to 8 So I Can become a War---- Lance Said "Y/N... I Didint Make it.. they are gonna Put me in The ------ my Face Changed too 1 of Pure Horror from what he said

-3 weeks Earlier (Flashback)

"Hey Mom Today we Go and Watch The Suicide Unit In Action!

Mom: "That's good I know You Will Do Me proud.." she said in a Raspy voice

"I will save you I promise..." I Left too go too the testing Grounds I Wait ontel the test I Walk around too the other Kids Here

"Hey Bertholdt what is up? I ask I'm with a Group of 4 Kids competing for The Collosal Titan Me Bertholdt Lulu and Lance

Bertholdt: "Nothing Much.. I was Just Playing with Reiner. I'm Too Nervous too talk to""Her" he points at a Blonde Girl

"Oh I see well I can become her friend and Put a Good Word In For you" I say with confidence

Bertholdt: Really?! Thanks So Much Y/n! He hugs me

"I'm Just Gonna say Hi.. And stuff Because we are gonna See The Suicide Unit in action! I look at Bertholdt with Dolly Eyes

Bertholdt: Looks concerned Y-Yeah...

I Walk Up too The Blonde Haired Girl "Hello.. Who are you? I have seen you around before but I Never got your name.. Mine is Y/N I Go to shake her hand

Annie: She slaps My Hand away "Annie.. just Annie" She kicks me in the stomach as She Boredly says "Today I'm Off so I Dont want to be bothered she starts walking away and Turns By the way.. Its Leonhardt.. Annie Leonhardt as she walks away

I walk over too My Friends

Lulu: Its time to Go Y/N

Bertholdt: Yeah Let's go..

Lance: Walks up and gets my Backpack

-Timeskip 8 hours Later

An Unknown country (a Battle Field)

Me Bertholdt Lulu and Lance Were in a Trench "I Cant Wait.. too see the Suicide Unit in Action! I heard they are Powerfull and Destructive!"

Lulu: Yeah! They are Really good.. I Heard they Took Down an entire Country in just 1 Battle!

Bertholdt: is Nervously Sweating

Lance: has a Blank expression

"I wish.. one of us Could get The Pasficst Titan.."

Lulu: "yeah... It sucks They havent Gave it too a Warrior Sense.. The Accident"

"what do you mean?.." I asked

Lulu: well it is said That The reason They Havent Gave it too another Warrior is because the Previous Holder Killed Themselves By accident.. They Turned a Enemy Soldier into a Titan and Made them Eat The warrior before they lost the Power.. they Cut off The Soldiers Limbs Ontel they could have a Warrior Eat them..

"what Do You Mean? Killed themselves?.."

Lance and Bertholdt: looked down

Lulu: Looked at Me "The Pasficst Titan.. Cant Kill People Normally.. As It names Suggests Its the Pasficst Titan.. It cant Kill Unless Certain Conditions are Met.. if The user Choices to Kill Someone They are allowed too Do so however if They Kill someone.. After Testing In 1 Minute They Get Paralyzed Unable to Move While Dieing slowly for 15 Seconds after that.. No one knows for sure what They see While they are Dieing But.. its compared too a" "Reaper"..

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