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I walked right into the locker room. My black dress forming to my body, and my hair in a ponytail. "Hey Jen, what are the odds of me being at a blackjack table?" I asked laughing and joking with her. "Obvi 100/100 y/n. Jerry always puts you on the blackjack tables, you make the house a lot of money." She giggled adjusting her makeup and smacking her lips together. 

Jen was a tall blonde, her hair was pin-straight and she looked like a model. Guys would tip her the big bucks when she was on the floor passing out drinks. 

We had only been working here for 2 months, but we clicked instantly we met. She became a really great friend to me. We would go out on our days off and just laugh about the area and work. She was from California and came here to escape, just as I did. 

I walk over to my assigned table and set up the area for guests to come and sit. I make sure to have my special cards where I need them, that the area is clear. Coasters in their proper places. 

A man with black raven hair comes to sit at the table. "Hello," He smiled. I looked up and examined the man in front of me. His black hair swooped in front of his face. His brown eyes gleaming in the lights flashing around. His pale skin, showing a few brown freckles on his face.

His suit was matte black, and he wore a black button-up, a red tie that sat perfectly down his chest. He was very handsome. "Hello There, placing a bet?" I asked with a smile. He nodded, "Waiting on 3 of my associates to join me." He replied looking down at his phone. He sent what seems like a text, and looks back up at me.

Suddenly, 3 men also began to sit at the table. The man to the left of the raven's head was tall and muscular. He has a black suit red undershirt and black tie. He had brown hair. A cut just above his eyebrow and green eyes. The two men to the right had brownish blonde hair. Both with brown eyes and they were of average height.

They grabbed a chair and surrounded the table. "Looks like a full table, place your bets boys" I smirked.

They placed out their thousands of dollars onto the table, and I began to deal out the cards.

The men looked at each other slyly and they had me deal out more cards to them. "Looks like you're out this round Kuruk" The man to the left said. "Eh shut up, Vicrul" He groaned and put the cards down and sat back. 

I let out a small giggle and delt one more round. The boys won, and I busted out. It was like this for a few rounds. I was starting to feel worried that this wasn't going to be good for the house. I watched the men in front of me, I was trying to make sure they weren't counting the cards.

I also learned that the man to the left is Vicrul, he is the raven-haired man's, right-hand man. I learned his name was Kylo. The man next to him was Ap'lek, and then the sore loser Kuruk.  "You guys are embarrassing me in front of the pretty lady" Kuruk announced. "Oh come now Kuruk. I'm sure a pretty like herself is already taken. No chance." Ap'lek started looking at me for answers. "Perfectly single" I replied and delt out another round. All the boys hummed in happiness. They seemed to like the fact I was on the market.

The boys kept winning, and that wasn't good for the house. I had Jen come over and see if they could get a few of them to leave with drinks and small dances, but no luck. I was getting warnings from my beeper.

I then pulled out a loose card that we have to stop high rollers from, and I skillfully added it to my hand. "Looks like I win boys" I smiled, and they took the final sips of their drinks. Kylo and the two to the right-left, but not before they eyed me. 

Kylo looked at me up and down and gave me a small wink. Vicrul was still in front of me, and he was writing something on a business card.  He then brushed his hand through his hair. "Call me, I'd like to take you out in the next few days if you're free" He smiled and handed me the card. 

I nodded. "I'd like that, handsome" I responded. He smirked and walked away, but not before looking back at me again. I gave him a small wave which made him smile.

I look down at the front of the card.

Kylo Ren CEO First Order Finacial and the back with Vicrul Ren 702-223-3223 Call or text me beautiful.

I smiled at the card and heard Jen walk over to me with her heels clicking on the floor. "Spill the details" She squealed. "Just a bunch of accountants" I laughed. "One gave me his number, though I might text him" I added with a small grin on my face. "Y/n, you have to call him. I've never heard of you going out. You need to, it's healthy I promise" She smiled. 

I laughed a little and nodded. A new group of men gathered at my table again and I began to deal, but I couldn't get the image of the handsome men from before out of my head.

X X xxxx X X

As my night came to a close I was walking to my locker when I accidentally bumped into someone. "Oh crap, I'm so sorry. I wasn't -" I was going to finish but then I realized it was Kylo, the raven-haired man from the table. "It's ok beautiful. You off for the night?" He asked. I nodded and he smirked.

"Is this usually when you get off?" He asked. I nodded once again, unable to form sentences with this fridge of a man in front of me. 

"Maybe I'll see you again real soon" He winked and walked off. My breath left my body and I gripped onto the nearest table. He was intoxicating. Just his presence was enough to make me wanna fall to my knees for him. 

I walked back to my locker, and Jen was just about to leave. "I just ran into the really hot guy! I think he was at your table. His name is Kuruk. He is gonna take me out for a few drinks" She spilled and lept with happiness. "Nice, just be careful," I said all motherly to her. She giggled, "You're such a mom y/n" She replied, fixed her makeup, and took off. 

I gathered my stuff and went out to the garage, and got into my black dodge charger. It wasn't much, but it was my dream car I saved for. I drove down the flashy streets, feeling how lucky I was to be here. After leaving home, and pursuing a new life out to the desert, I really wanted to prove to everyone, I was more. 

I arrived at my home that was left to me. My grandmother lived out here for years, but unfortunately, she passed away but left me this home. I had moved out some of her furniture and replaced it, and then made the place my own. I had a cat named Jinx, he is a calico. I heard him meowing for me behind the door. I laughed and opened it. He got louder and purred. It was nice to come home to him. I spent the rest of my night showing and getting ready for bed. I looked at the card in my hand. 

Y/N: Hey :) It's your local blackjack dealer.

Vicrul:  Hey! Was hoping you'd message me beautiful.

Y/N: Well just thought I'd text you, so you had my number.

Vicrul: Hope to see you tomorrow beautiful. 

Y/N: You just might if I am at the same table. Odds look in your favor. 

I giggled at what I texted. I wasn't the flirty type, but I was trying to branch out and really try what Jen was talking about.

Vicrul: Sounds like a deal ;) sleep well.

Y/N: Lol Sleep well ;)

I rested my phone on the side table and took a deep breath in and went to sleep, and drifted off.

A/N: not sure where I am going with this, but I know I wanna go somewhere.

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