princeton pov

So a Kansas had this on

when bre wasn't looking i would rub my hand on kansas's vagaga, when bre was out of the room  I Would grind on her and kiss her

(Breaunna was a video gamer on youtube before the omg girlz and is still a video gamer)

Bre's pov

I'm about to start the video and count down 5 4 3 2 1 (Play's ego and pictures with my stage name a fan made pictures on my video) hey guys it's babydoll today i will not be on the computer i will be spying on my brother cause Stars sister Bully Siter is here so plus i will record all of it so lets go

(part when she catches princeton kissing Kansas)

me-wtf are you doing Mom I NEED YOU

jacob-starts giving Kansas hickeys-

Mom-(comes in) Wtf You doing Jacob Emmanuel Perez (Pulls on his tie) go to your room or i'll slap the misfit blackican out of you (Lets go of his tie)

Jacob-O.O(Runs into his room)

Mom-and you talkin about a bad bitch and some beach curls -grabs her by her hair and throws her out -

Bre ends the video

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