Babydoll aka Bre's pov

Hi i'm Breaunna.YES I'M FROM OMG GIRLZ. Full name is Breaunna Merkell Perez. Yep Sister of  "Jacob Emmanuel Perez".We never have fights never hated each other always hang out together every weekends and we spend time together with school work on school days but that all stopped when On Time I was in my room waiting for prince to get home so we could do homework together and he never showed up so i finished my homework and i cried myself to sleep cause he never missed Sisterand Brother Homework Nights but This night he Did he knows how Homework nights mean to me. T~T

Pov over

Princeton aka Jacob's Pov

Hi i'm Jacob. I'M FROM MB. Full name is JacobEmmanuel Perez Yes The Brother Of Breaunna Merkel Perez. i was born April 21st , 1996 i am older cause my sister was supposed to be my twin but i came out early our date was May 21 , 1996 she came out on the right date i didn't but oh well it is what God Did for us to be apart -Shrugs- people called us Perfect siblings,And Dream Kids so you ask why i didn't go to Homework night? it's because a girl named Breaunna sexy as possible big tits fat ass cute lips make me wanna-realize what he's is saying- nvm but i grew feelings for her and now i feel like i'm going to kill her soi stayed away and did homework with the boys

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