LEE MIN HO facts

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LEE MIN HO is a famous south korean actor, he is known to have the lead role in the famous korean tv series Boys over Flowers and City Hunter.

-He has a genuine personality; optimistic and intelligent

-His first love was his campus-friend when he was 20 years old

-He has this habit of talking in his sleep

-Motto in life; "Do your best in all things"

-He smokes, but he's not a heavy smoker

-He is not a strong drinker, A limitation he can tolerate drinking alcohol 2 glasses of beer or 4 cup soju

-He refers to sleep than eat when filming

-He likes snacks

-Because he idolized Leonardo DiCaprio he aspired to play movie in Hollywood

-He is active in cyberspace. Playing online

-He is active in social networks such at Cyworld, Facebook & Twitter

-Lee Min ho got 60 million won for his role as Joen Jin-Ho in "personal taste"

-started his career as a model

-Lee min ho relatively bright pupil. consistent mathematical value above 90, sports lessons alwaysgot an A

-Min ho loved to read the newspaper, He first learned Hangul of ad colors writing in the newspaper. He also likes to comment on current news in the newspaper was in grade school

-Friendship with Jung Woo II. When asked his first impression when meeting with Woo, Minho answered, laughing, "His face was like a woman"

-Before filming Boys over flowers, Min Ho's hair curl up five times to get the hair style of Goo Jun Pyo. Actually Min ho did not like this kind of hair style dress code F4 which he said was too formal

-Min Ho had plastic surgery

-During the elementary school, Min Ho is a shy boy

-Lee Min ho is expert on Math and Science

-He's solution when he is stress is sleeping

-Lee Min ho loves to eat the roast food. Beef, chicken, pork

-Lee Min ho is envy with Kim Bum's small face, Kim Hyun Joong's fair complexion, and Kim Jun's big eyes

-K.will is Lee Min Ho's singing coach

-Lee Minho's car is a silver mercedes benz

-Lee minho always brought perfume in his bag, he always want to be a fragrant guy

-Lee Mi ho often said that his family is not a rich family, it is ordinary

-Lee Minho is Very melancholic and sentimental during autumn


Saranghae Lee Min Ho Oppa :)

credits: korea.com

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