EXO facts

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EXO Facts

EXO a group with 12 members but divided into two, EXO-M (chinese/mandarin group) and EXO-K (korean group) debuted last April 8 2012 :)

-Kai predebut but used to have many bad habits including smoking. But he stopped when Kyunsoo asked him to take care of himself.

-Chen is the founder of Luhan's biggest anti-fan cafe.

-When Tao first heard that EXO fans had named themselves "EXOTICS" he found the name so funny he chooked on his noodles.

-Tao's favorite number is 7 because this is the highest amount of women he has dated at the same time.

-Luhan and Xiumin used to play soccer together, but one time Xiumin pushed Luhan into the mud and Luhan refused to play with him ever since.

-Baekyhun was the captain of his high school's pony club.

-Because Luhan forces Kris to watch soccer matches with him, Kris purposefully annoys Luhan by supporting the opposite team.

-Kai and Baekhyun are both very competitive, to the point where they even compete on the amount of women they can get into the bedroom.

-Yixing has said that sometimes when he gets back to the dorm, he catches Kris admiring himself alone in front of the mirror.

-All of EXO made a pact to not shave their armpit hair until Luhan loses his virginity.

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-Kris dislikes EXO's song History because he failed History at School.

-Xiumin has mentioned that all of EXO love playing truth or dare, but for some reason, it always results in Kris getting naked.

-Whenever Chanyeol beats Baekhyun at a video game, Baekhyun will cry.

-Xiumin once invited Chanyeol to play soccer, but Chanyeol accidentally kicked him in the face, and Xiumin has never asked him again.

-Tao said he once saw Kris naked and its wasn't entirely displeasing

-Chanyeol finds Baekhyun's fear of white people very funny, so he oftens dresses up as one and hides under Baekhyun's bed

-Lay hates luhan taking his food so onetime he put chili powder in Luhan's snacks but it backfired and gave Luhan serious food poisoning.

-Kris was rumoured to be very good at basketball, but it was recently discovered that these rumours came from a weibo that Kris himself runs.

-Chen has admitted that originally he requested to go solo because he is allergic to basic people.

-Chanyeol and Baekhyun are room mates because Chanyeol lost a bet with Suho.

-Originally, Lay was meant to be EXO-M's leader, but then it was realised that Kris needed something to do.

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