The Tour Pt. 1

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A/N: Hi there friends! This was a story I started writing last year, but due to college work, I had to stop and focus on other things. Now that the semester is finally ending, I'm able to actually spend time writing this.

This story was originally posted on my other account, which is called my_fiction_fantasies, under a different fandom. Due to weird life circumstances, I had to switch some of the characters around because I now kind of know somebody and it was just strange for me to keep writing...

This is a BDSM fanfic, obviously in an alternate universe. The basic rundown is Rachel will eventually be submissive to Santana and Quinn, Santana is a switch but is usually submissive to Quinn and dominant to Rachel, and Quinn is just dominant to everyone.

Let me know what you think about this story! Also, if you see any major spelling or grammar errors please point them out, but don't make it a huge deal if you see one out-of-place comma or something like that. Just enjoy the story :)


Rachel's POV

I never thought I would be in a situation like this, but here I am, stood outside what, to the naked eye, looks to be a normal house, or mansion I guess would be the proper term. This, however, was far from the truth. My roommate, Santana, has a very prurient type of girlfriend, Quinn. She is definitely one of the sweetest and smartest people I have met, but the girl had some distinct lifestyle choices for sure. At only age 24, Quinn was the very proud owner of New York's newest club, 'Sensations'. It took a little more than an hour to get here considering its placement just outside of the city, but I was willing to make the drive. This was a sex club, more specifically though, a fetish sex club. I knew only the basic information of this place; one was that even though Quinn herself was gay, this club was open to any gender identity and sexuality after they got vetted in, and two, that you never have to do anything you do not feel comfortable with, including sex.

I came here for the support of my friend because although this place isn't something that fits my personal tastes, I was still proud of Quinn. Ever since she had come into my life she had only been sweet and kind to me. I was a little surprised when Santana told me about her lifestyle because I thought she was more of a passive person. I have never been more wrong. I was also quite surprised when Santana admitted to having the same kind of likes and fantasies as her counterpart. I have known my roommate since freshman year of college and never once presumed her to live this way. Again I'm not judging, just surprised is all.

When I first learned what was happening between them I was mostly confused. It's not like they flaunted their relationship dynamic in front of me, so I had no idea. One minute all three of us are sitting on our couch watching some trashy reality TV, the next Santana blurted out that Quinn was establishing her own fetish club. As you can imagine, this led to some odd topics while The Bachelor was playing in the background. Apparently the short of it was that Santana, unable to continue dating vanilla while fighting her own desires, finally bit the bullet and signed up for a fetish site. This snowballed to her and Quinn connecting and hitting it off almost instantly. Quinn was a Dominate type, while Santana was a versatile type. I didn't really ask for specifics because I didn't want to think of my friends in that way.

Of course, that wasn't how things were going to play out though. Quinn invited me on a tour of her club. It took place in the afternoon before opening, but I still didn't really want to go. This obviously wasn't my scene, and my friends knew that, but I also didn't want to be rude so I hesitantly accepted her invite. Quinn and Santana both hugged me while thanking me for accepting this part about them. I don't think that was necessary for them to do, but I see why some people might want to flee if they weren't used to what that lifestyle was actually like.

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