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Sienna Pov:

I wasn't too sure where anything around these areas we're. Each day I've been here I've started to regret moving somewhere when I had no one even remotely close to help guide me. I feel like an outcast. Then with the events of yesterday in mind I'm pretty sure others already may think I don't belong either.

The only person I've spoken to since I've been here was my neighbor. They say first impressions are very important and I don't think I left a good impression. I do want to apologize because although I don't see a problem with What I did, it did involve someone else's child. Also I still wanted to ask about my sun catcher. I feel pathetic almost, worried about such a pointless item but they say it's the little things that count when everything big was fucked up.

To go over there I'm making them something, well, I'm just heating up some cookies. They're sugar cookies but it's the afternoon. I bought like the bare minimum of things at a store before I got here. I have quick heat up food that will only last me another day and then a few easy bake snacks and chips. It's nothing good really but it's tied me over a few days to get some stuff set up.

Luckily I won't be out too much, I have an at home job at the moment. It's a lot of typing which I hate, but I knew I was moving and needed something easy so I wasn't setting myself up for complete failure.

Deep in my thoughts about how I'll probably get lost or look like a tourist while I'm out in public, the cookies burned a bit. I mean they were still fine to me but I said forget making a snack for them. I was only doing it because in movies they do that and then the neighbors become really close. This however is real life, unfortunately.

I grabbed my keys and bag and started the car before walking over to their house. Before I actually stepped into the yard I was having doubts about it. Especially if it's just her. I know nine times out of ten I won't be getting along with her. I walked up to the door and knocked anyway. The knock in itself was embarrassing but I didn't want to knock twice and it seem like I'm rushing anyone. I also wasn't sure if they heard it so I just looked around awkwardly waiting to see if I should knock again or leave. A few moments later I heard a male voice talking as they opened up the door.

"Yes" He said. Partially standing out the door.

"Oh, I- I'm the neighbor, but I just wanted to apologize to the lady that lived here for yesterday" I say trailing off some. I don't know if he lived here and didn't want to say too much and put anyone's business out there.

"Oh shit yeah I wanted to thank you for that, he could of got hurt or something running off like that" he says.

"You wanted to thank me" I questioned

"You live right there right" he says stepping out the house some and pointing at my house. I nodded. "Yeah then you, my girl had told me you grabbed him for her"

"Oh, well I was just apologizing because she made it seem like it wasn't my place to touch him.. so"

"Don't worry about her, you need anything though or that's all" he said still partially standing at the door.

Jahseh POV:

"No not really, I was wondering though if he had brought like a solar toy thing. I noticed it was gone"

"I was wondering were he got it. He was playing with it earlier but broke it if it's that much I'll just replace it"

"No it's fine. I'll be okay, thank you though" she says with a small smile.

"Who the fuck is at the door Jah. What bitch is that" lyssa says coming over.

"Well if this is a bad time I'm going to go ahead and go, thank you though and I'm sorry again" she said about to walk back down the steps.

"Oh it's your ass, what the fuck did you want black ass bitch. To grab my child again, or now you want my man" she snapped. She's mad at me but takes the shit out on everyone, and anyone.

The girl smiled almost before her face changed to one with slight confusion.

"Absolutely not, I had just came over to apologize. Now I'm leaving, I'll see you both around, probably not" she said before walking down the rest of the steps and walking away. Lyssa got mad and walked back in the house cussing some more.

"No fucking way she was just trying to apologize and you standing at the door that damn long"

"You just want to be mad all the time it seem like"

"No body wants to be mad. Your ass act like you don't trip when I talk to other guys. You know what fuck it, ass probably cheating anyway. I'm leaving and Kaisen coming with me"

"Where you going"

"To my moms house, why" she says before walking to the back and into the room.

I sat on the couch and rubbed my temples for a bit. Today's argument started because she was on my phone and girl dm'd me. I never opened it nothing but because she saw it I'm cheating on her and hiding women from her.

Then Kaisen had the solar thing Playing with it and she saw and flipped out when he said he got it 'next door'. She threw it away saying he could get sick and all this extra shit. I know when she go to her moms she really don't stay there. Kaisen stays, but she be out with her friends. I don't even feel like saying anything though because I need a break.

I don't regret my son or nothing but if I could of had him with out her right now I would. I also don't want to just be done with her either. We got years at this shit and this not the first time shit got really bad. It's the first time in a while but I don't want to just end it for the sake of Kaisen.

After like another half hour of sitting in the back all loud on her phone she left with him. Both of them having bags. She act like I'm dumb but I saw that she took the keys to both cars. It's a bunch of dumb shit right now.

This one is kind of boring down come for me. ✋🏽 I'm bored though and in and out of sleep so I'll probably update again.

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