Always and forever • Zhongli

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A/N: this one was inspired by "yours forever" from Over the Moon. idk, the song kinda matched :(

Pairing: F!reader + Zhongli
Warning: few grammatical errors, not proofread
Word count: 626 words

Zhongli stood at the top of the mountains. His arms crossed over his chest as he looked aimlessly below him in such an admiring yet painful way. The wind whooshed through his gradient hair.

"I don't get why you like humans so much. I don't understand." He spoke to no one, he was by himself. Confusion still struck him til this very day about how human emotions would work.

He always wondered how Guizhong could. They were so complex, so difficult to understand. You could see them smiling but was it true?

"But, maybe in my time here as a mortal, I'll understand why." He smiled solemnly to himself and looked at the distance. Wind being the only thing to comfort him.

In times like this, maybe a good wine or two maybe nice.

The view in front of him was so beautiful, despite the history that had happened in such a wonderful place. God, he wished she could see this. See how it was so much better.

"What a nice view we have up here!" Zhongli turned his head around to see that a woman had come. She panted, seemed like she just hiked all the way to the top.

Regardless of that fact, he caught himself staring. The woman was dressed in simple clothes with colours of grey, white and blue. Half of her hair tied up into a bun with the pin of a glaze lily.

A sense of familiarity flushed through the archon and he stared at her wide-eyed.

No, no. It couldn't be. He thought.

"G-Guizhong..?" He mumbled so low that he hoped the woman heard her. He hoped the woman would answer with such familiarity as well.

Those hopes could only get him so far.

"Oh- there's a person here." She shuffled nervously once realizing that Zhongli was there as well. She apologized multiple times.

The hopeful light that sparked within Zhongli disappeared. It wasn't her, of course. What was he thinking.

He sighed, heavily. He knew it wasn't her, of course it wasn't her. But still, the fact it was indeed not her made his chest hurt horribly. The pain pangs against his heart.

Thoughts of you are so difficult to bear, I wish I could be with you.

"You.." He sighed before continuing, "What are you doing here?"

"S-Sorry sir. I wasn't expecting for people to be up here."

"Neither did I." He came off rude but he swears it's not on purpose.

"I just.. feel a sense of nostalgia whenever I come up here. I like it." Zhongli turned his head to look at her once more.

It was hurting him so much just thinking of her, gone.

A gust of wind passed by, ruining her hair a bit and she tried to fix it herself but failed. So, Zhongli offers and fixes it for her.

He knew it was wrong to assume this woman was Guizhong. 'Cause she wasn't. But after thousands of years without her, just this once will he let him bask himself in this feeling.

Just this once.

"S-Sir?" The woman looked up at him before he smiled and moved away.

"I'll be leaving now." He said simply and walked away. He wanted to never meet that woman ever again, the pain would hurt too much. The past still haunts him.

Remembering everything was such an evil curse casted upon him.

"Always and forever," Zhongli said to himself, patting his chest as if he was comforting his own heart.

sorry if it isn't accurate, thanks for reading !

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