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Surfing with my bf in Cali, can't wait to see you guys soon!!

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PerCy_JacksOn: It was amazing Wise Girl, we should do it again some day 😍😍😍

Chloe_x0x0: Hottie!!💙💙

beauty_x_queen: Can't wait to see you too, bestie!!❤️ - you look beautiful!

flaminghotstuff_valdez: like me😏😏

cali_x_: watch it valdez, miss you Annabeth!, can't wait to see you💙❤️

Goldengirl72: Yh valdez or I might let Nico loose on you. Miss u Annabeth, looking gorgeous!!❤️❤️

iguana98_Frank: Looks fun, but not for me😀😀

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