Happy Valentine's DAY Y'all

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Athanasia de Alger Obelia was an 18 year old single girl. She was very famous for her beauty and her smartness. She could be called as a goddess because of how she inherited both her parent's beauty. She was everyone's crush but couldn't approach her because of her father- Claude de Alger Obelia who owned her high school and was a successful businessman. But today the beautiful girl was in bad mood because it was her least favorite day, Valentine's Day. And there was a rumor going round the school that Ezekiel Alpheus will confess to her which Athy was not pleased at all! The main reason she hated this day was because of certain someone who disappeared in her life 7 years ago on this exact day.

"Athy, sweetie, what's wrong?" Athanasia's mother's sweet voice startled her daydream.

"Ah. It's nothing mom...just thinking" Athanasia sighed with sadness which caused her father to look at her.

"You know Diana, I have noticed this but you are always moody on this particular day. Is it because of that brat who left you" that hit the spot.

"WHAT NO!!!! WHY WOULD I...." Athanasia was flustered but when her mother gave her a knowing look she couldn't continue anymore.

'I need to change the subject quickly!' Athy thought.

"Um...dad are you planning anything special for mom today?" Athy told Claude with a teasing look which caused Diana to blush and Claude to lose compose and turn his head to sideways with a small blush.

'Hehe....Dad is blushing which is rare...'

" That's none of your business but are you going to be okay today....I mean just tell if any pests come near you and do something to you. I will eliminate them from this world" Claude said this to Athanasia which gave her Goosebumps.

"Daddy come on...do you honestly think that your daughter is weak....Did you FORGOT I made you to give me martial arts training from Felix"

"Claude honey, Athy is right. Besides she still haven't moved on her first love" Diana giggled when she saw how her daughter blush on mentioning her first love.

"Tch! That brat doesn't deserve her..." even though Claude said that he didn't mean it.

"Of course you say that. But who knows maybe he will return one day." Diana tried to cheer Athy with these words for 7 years which gave the poor girl some hope.

"Alright! I have class to attend...so bye Mom and dad!" Athy gave a kiss on her parent's cheeks and went outside where her ride was and along with her uncle like Felix.

"Good morning princess! You look so radiant today!" Felix said with a big smile with flowers for effect.

'Argh! Felix you are blinding me again'

"Good morning to you too Felix! Planned anything special for Lily today?" Athy knew how much Felix fancies her mother's close friend lily.

"Eh...err...maybe...." Felix's face was the color of his hair to which Athy giggled.

"So are you going to man up and confess to her already?"


"What? I am just saying it...you should hurry up or maybe someone else will have her." Well it is true. Lily was a beautiful woman.

"I know that....but I am scared if she will reject me...." Felix closed the car door after I got inside.

"No she won't Felix, trust me." Athy knew how Lily also liked, no loved the red puppy like man since Athy was 8.

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