The first look

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And time spent.A lot of weeks,months,maybe years.

And one day,someone came in my life.He walked through the park when he saw me.He knew who i was.And i knew who HE was.He was the one we were afraid,he was "the guy with a strange t-shirt".When i saw him,i almost ran;i felt afraid,scarry.And i had my reasons.And even if i was afraid,i felt atraction.I felt something strong for him,not hate,not angry,i felt something like LOVE or passion.

       "Good morning,young lady!What makes such a beauty to walk in the morning in,this park?"

        "Is not your problem,STRANGER."I said.

        "Oh,sorry my mystake.Let me present my self.I am Edward.And you?Will I be able to know your name,sweetheart?"He deeply said.

        "Nina,I am Nina."He's eyes made me say it."And,Edward,right?"He aproved me."So what makes such a hot guy to walk in the morning,in park?Will i be able to know it?"I tryed to be sweet and sexy in the same time.I tryed to seduce him.I wanted to know more about him and what he is inside of his soul.

        "Hahaha!"He laugh."Well Nina,nothing can be refused to such a wonderful woman!"

        "So, tell me" Why am I not runing and screaming for help? I was so scarred about the idea of being in his face. And now...I have feelings for him.

        "Hmmmm...I don't really Know. Maybe I was searching you?"I saw something on her face.I know She is the enemy but She is so beautiful,so sweet, Any of those girls aren't.And She looks like Danielle.The same eyes, mouth, hair, the height, everything.They are almost the same person.But they aren't. I see her soul and She is brave and straight not like Danielle.

        "Look, I know you Know me.I know you Know my secret and I know who you are!So don't try to be cute because I know EVERYTHING. Don't you dare to touch me!"

       "Okay.Do you want me to go?"Say "no" please no please!

       "No!Yes!Maybe, I don't know! Okay so I made many mistakes but this have to be right! I am so scarred of what will happend!"I can't run Any more of this! I feel it too strong.

       It was THE FIRST LOOK but I felt something.I think I always knew that I have no reasons to be afraid of him.I think we are destinated!Hahaha...what a joke...isn't me and my crazy freaking minds!


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