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" E , E , man don't let me die! Don't let me die!"

" I got you man , I got you. They coming , please , stay with me! You can't leave me , I need you !"

*5 months before*

Khalil POV

E , wassup with you man? You been acting weird lately. You need to be focused so we can get this money!

Essence been my friend since we was five years old man. She like a sister to me, but damn she fine. She used to be a ugly ass lil girl, but now? She a bad lul baby. She 4'9 ( short as hell I know ) Her face is like an angel , she got dimple piercings too and bra when she smile; it light up my whole word. I use to want her bad as fuck, but she always use to be on that friend shit and how she don't want it to ruin our "friendship" . She use to kill me with that friend shit bra, always thuggin me knowing I wanted her. But it's cool though ima get her ass ONE DAY!
*Essence interrupting Khalil's thoughts*

" I just been thinking about some stuff you know? Like is the streets all that's for me? Is the streets all for you? We both talented in many ways , and we always talking about what we want to do and never do it. I'm tired of running these streets Khalil . Like foreal , when this shit gone stop?"

*Essence thoughts*

Khalil got me into dealing. I mean it was the only way I could make my money. My mama was on drugs and my daddy left us when I was 12. So I ain't have a choice , I guess he felt like if he was eating , shit ima eat too. He always been looking out for me though, he my best friend and I love and care for him so much. He wanted us to date and shit but I wasn't feeling that. I told him it would ruin our friendship. He keep asking me what's been up with me but I ain't wanna tell him. He'd be pissed asf. For the past month , every weekend I'd go to Miami to make a lil extra money. I mean I got the body for it so why not strip. It ain't like I'm selling my pussy, I'm just dancing to stack my shit up so I can get tf up out the hood. All Khalil know is the streets, we sort of have the same situation but both his parents still around. They just don't get fast money , Khalil stay in a nice spot and a nice neighborhood. I never understood why he was dealing or hitting licks. I guess he got into the wrong crowd and my dumb ass followed him. That's the thing about it , where ever Khalil go I go. I'll never leave him hanging!

" So wassup man? You down for the shit or not?"

" umm what you said? I ain't even hear you fam, my bad ."

"See this the shit I be talking about. Essence what the fuck got your mind in another place? Get your head right man, cause I need it tonight! We gotta lick on a nice ass place , up in the city. Ion need no fuck ups!

" Khalil chill ight ? And when have I ever FUCKED UP?! Because of me, our licks are successful! Your ass don't know how to do shit right . So calm your ass down , I'll be ready. What time we doing this? I got shit to do."

" Know what E, I ain't finna argue with you today. I'm not , be ready at 7 . Holla atcha later "

Man I swear , I don't know what Essence got going on but she better pull it together. She ain't been herself lately, maybe I need to hit up her fam to see what's up. She tell her cousin everything. Plus Shannon got a soft spot for a nigga, so I might can have a lil fun . But damn , that's E cousin. I ain't finna thug her like that man. 
6:30 *phone rings*
" Yo Khalil , what up witcha blood? Hope yeen got plans tonight cause I'm having a party and I want you to slide ."
" T? Nigga where you been? Shit ain't heard from you in about 3 months! "
" man I know, 12 found my spot and took all my shit . I had to leave the city and lay low for a lul minute. Gotta find a new spot and a partner. You down?" .
" damn cuh , I feel you . Check it T , ima slide after I handle some business, and we can talk about it then."
*hangs up*

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