(Teya pov.)
"HOLY SHIT" I'm just going crazy! I can't believe how nice all the houses are around here and theirs is the biggest!!!
WAIT, I'm here with One Direction... I'm hyperventilating. It's actually real!? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

Those were my last thoughts before it all went black.
(Gabby pov.)
I was staring at the house in front of me when I heard a SMASH behind me. I look around and see Teya laying on the ground and her head against a rock and a lot of blood. I gagged at the sight of blood, I hate seeing blood and wounds. I jump down to the rescue just like when she did it for me. I flip her limb body over and noticed a long cut from her forehead down just passed her eye.

(Teya pov.)

I open my eyes. I'm in a black room. I'm so confused. What the hell
happened?! A black shadow a merges from a black mirror. Where the hell did that mirror come from?! I scute backwards till I hit a hard surface on my back. It's black cold. The black shadow walks forwards with a deathly silence. The sweat on my brow makes my skin glimmer in the black glow around me. Eating me hole. The shadow stops in the middle of this black box. The creature looks up. A deathly skull. All of a sudden it's in my face. What the Fucking Hell.

"Who are you?" I whisper
"You" it says in a voice so deadly it cold kill. A skeletal hand wraps its bone fingertips around my neck and all of a sudden I was gulping for air. It feels like all natural resources disappeared at the rotting flesh of the shadows fingertips.

(Niall pov.)
Is this my fault? Is this our fault? Is this the universes fault? Guilt rushed through my body. And now she's in the hospital. How could we let this happen?
The nurse walks quickly to our group and gabby looks at her board and asks:
"Are you here for Teya?"
I look towards Zayn and he gives me back the same look. "Ya" says Liam breaking the silence.

"Is she alright?" Says Zayn in a higher tone. The nurse looks straight to Zayn and answers with a worried look. "She was not injured by the wound on her head but that's not the problem..."
Shivers run through my body.
"Then what is" asks Gabby. The nurse repeats the hole worried look with Gabby. "The reason why she fell.... well.... it was because she was shot some how, the bullet only scratched her leg but it must have been poisoned because on the scratch there were signs of Tetrodotoxin"

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