Chapter 4: My Saviors

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The first thing that came to my mind was what in the hell are they. Second was that I recognized shells, and features similar to that of a turtle. Green rough skin, large hard shells, and colored masks for each individual. Turtles. They are giant humanoid talking turtles. My brain whirled with the thoughts of how's and why's. As I began to collect my thoughts again I looked back up at them. They stared back equally confused.
"What the? How? Turtle human thingy?" I tripped over my words as I tried to ask what they were. One in an orange mask laughed and was swatted on the head by one in a red mask. The one in the blue reached forward and I flinched back trying to keep my distance from his touch.
"It's okay, we're not going to hurt you," he said.
"How do I know that?!?" I asked still very weary of them. My grip on the rod tightened.
"I'm not asking you to trust us, but please let us help you," he said motioning to my arm that lay crippled at my side. I tried to move it and pain stung my whole arm.
"D-don't move," one in a purple mask said as he approached me with his hands raised to show he meant no harm. I didn't move away as he knelt beside me and shown the light on my arm. The skin around the broken bone was black and blue with areas of bone pressing agains the underside of my skin. He gently touched it with his large green hands which caused me to wince.
"It's broken," the one in purple said to the others.
"Will you allow me to help you?" The purple one asked me quietly, his large brown eyes looking into mine where I saw no harm there.
"Yes," I said nodding my head in confirmation to him and the others. The blue masked one came over to me and knelt down. Putting his arms under me he lifted my small body with ease. Making sure not to touch my injured arm. He started walking when the one in purple turned off the light. It was pitch black but I could tell they were walking in the tunnels and soon we were headed up hill. My eyes soon found a source of light from a sewer grate from where water drained in from the street. The turtles climbed onto a platform which had a ladder that lead up to the city. He switched me to one arm and began to climb the ladder and moved the grate. We emerged into an alleyway in the nice neighbor hood behind a dumpster. Setting me on my feet I wobbled and clutched his arm for support with my good hand. Steadying me he helped me to sit on a crate. The purple masked one came over again and supplied a first aid kit.
"If your arm is ever going to heal properly I need to set the bone straight," he said gently once again looking into my eyes for confirmation. I nodded at him and grabbed the sleeve of my good arm and bit down on it. His large hands were warm as he placed them on my broken arm. He looked at me to see if I would change my mind but this needed to be done.
"On the count of three. One, two," he said softly,"three." I could hear the crunch before I felt the pain. My bone snapped back into place and I muffled a scream of pain into my sleeve that would have teeth marks in it. Pain seared and came in waves. My arm throbbed in agony as it settled back into its normal position. I felt tears well in my eyes but I would not let them fall. I am stronger now than ever before. I can stand a broken arm. I breathed deeply, sucking the cold New York air into my lungs. I let my sleeve fall from my mouth as I breathed trying to hold myself together. Looking up at them I tried to smile slightly to show my thanks. They smiled back.

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