Chapter 2: Into the Sewers

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Listening intently I stood in to running water as I waited until my fathers footsteps were far enough away to relax. I sank into the water, not caring if my clothes got wet because they were already soaked from the rain. Still gripping the metal bar I trailed my fingers up it. The grooves ran rigidly under my fingertips and I could tell it was a steel support that is usually put in concrete walls. It's length was about a yard long and two centimeters thick and dull spirals wound up the sides like a screw. This could come in handy if I were to run into any danger. Soon my eyes adjusted to the very dim light of the sewers. The only way I'm going to get out of here without running into my father would be to leave through another manhole. Glancing to my left is where the water was coming from which meant that the sewer was going up to the left. And the more dangerous neighborhoods were at more of an incline than the ones that weren't as bad. So to the right is the way I should go. Standing up I started to walk down the way that the water was running. The farther I went into the sewer the darker it became. The water began to flow faster around my legs and began to grow deeper. The sound of rushing water soon could be heard in the now pitch black tunnel. As I walked the sound grew louder until it sounded like I was in a construction zone. What was I going to do when I got out of here? My parents would surely go to the police department and put in a missing child report. And if I was caught, I would either be returned to my parents or more likely put in a foster home because of my parents abuse towards me. But what kind of foster home wants a weary sixteen year old girl that will be soon old enough to move out and take care of herself? My best option is to be careful and not get caught by the police so I can spend the rest of those few years before I'm old enough by starting over in a new place. As I thought to myself about what I was going to do my sneaker slipped under the water. Falling into the streaming water, the now fast current pulled me forward and under the rain water that had now mixed with dirt and sewage. I could feel my heart pounding in my ears, and I let out a cry as I felt the floor give way underneath me. My body was falling downwards and the rushing sound was now a clear roaring. I knew what was happening and why the current had sped up. I had been heading towards a waterfall in the sewer. The kind that drained the water into a larger sewer pond beneath the rest of the sewers. Thinking I was heading down town when I was really headed deeper into the maze of tunnels. Hitting the water below with a loud splash, my breath was once again knocked out of me and I fell broken arm first into the water. The pain seared again in my arm as the it renewed from the impact. I yelped and cried for help but the current drug me under deeper into the black murky depths. Trying to swim with one arm was all but useless and I sank deeper. Lungs burning from lack of oxygen made me wish I had never hid down here. Tears blended with the water and my sight began to dim, not from lack of light but from the dizziness that now wracked my brain. Sight zoned in and out of my eyes, and the last thing I saw before I blacked out was a flash of green.

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