Chapter 2

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[3rd Person]

Leelan Farhan

May 20, 2014


She swings upon her crooked pendulum,

her eyes burning with a scarlet fire.

Her white dress cannot mask what I know to be

her deepest and darkest desire.

A silhouette enters the dark wooded forest, in the center of the moss. Shadows seem to swirl around her feet, maybe sucking them in. In a slight burst of panic, she fumbles for her lantern.

Lighting it up frantically, the room remains immersed in darkness. Fear settles in and deep down that person knows.

they're not alone in the dark.

Tugging on his or her robe, Something brushes her back. Turning, feeling the presence of someone near, he turns but there is nothing.

Nothing you can see, that is.

Outside you can hear the autumn wind howling, and it almost sounds like laughter to a panicked mind.

A low chuckle breaks the Unidentified person's thought process, directly in front of you. A feminine gasp erupts the possible woman's throat, but wanderers hear nothing in the overwhelming blackness. She's being drawn in, drowned in slumbering evil as she lifts her head up to see a blackheaded man smirk.

"Ah," she sighs "Naraku-sama you are very intimidating."

His smirk only widened as he lifted the woman's scarred hand to his lips in a bit of mockery. "I believe that I am, Lady Prim."

Snatching her hand away, as she hesitantly removed her hood.

Drawn-out sandy hair tumbled to the floor in twists and twirls. Beaming cerulean eyes reflected nothing but jealousy and hate that only increased the mans desire to use her. An immense scar covered the left side of her once lovely face, now was the color of tan on her porcelain skin. The sight of her now was sone of disgust and revolting.

"What is it you want , Lady Prim?"

Her azure eyes glared at nothing in particular but the hate quickly immersed in her eyes. "I be of service to you..."

"Really now?"


"Ah, are you done chasing after your sister, the goddess?"

Prim scoffed cocking her head to the side with a look of mock. "Not anymore."

"I see" he chuckled analyzing the woman. "What will I receive in return?"

Prim's eyes narrowed with mischievousness , as he slowly placed her arm on Narakus shoulder. She pressed her full grown body to his and rested her head on his shoulder. He felt revolted as his face scrunched up with clear disgust.

"Anything you wish for my body. I have no use for it anymore, all I desire is a man's touch." Her voice seductive

He racked over her body, enticing the woman as a lust filled blush spread over her face. He didn't look at her the way she wanted, he was more sexually attracted to her sister.

He leaned in his breath tickling her neck, "Well, I guess you will be in my care."

Prim smirked seductively "I guess so, Naraku-sama."

The last thing on earth he would do would make love to such a woman. He was just using her powers and her ties to the goddess-who he truly desired- to complete his plans.

[Somewhere Far Away]

Near the Tsuki Temple, a man with white hair cleaned the wooden planks with a blank expression. "Yoza!!!" A voice hollered making the man tilt his head over to the girl named Sakura.

Sakura-his little sister- smiled while waving over to him carrying Erbs in a basket. Her light brown hair gently swayed as her pale skin was dirtied with wet soil, while her sea foam eyes squinted a bit from the hard days of the sun.

"Big brother! We found someone!!!"

Yoza sighed and slowly walked over to his sister while drying his hands on a worn out rag. "Is it a demon Sakura?"

She shook her head while running a hand through her shiny locks. "No."

"Is he dangerous?"

"Nope" she said popping the p.

"Alright, let's see what we can do."


Yoza began to follow his sister towards the injured person.

They continued on a dirt path at a normal pace. He then realized that the person was not fatally hurt otherwise Sakira would be crying buckets and screaming for Kaito for help other then him.

"Ah!" Sakura exclaimed pointing in a direction.

"Shes awake! Come on, Big brother, hurry!"

They ran to a retreating form that was limping with utterly disgrace.

Finally Yoza finally caught up with him and jumped in front.

His eyes immediately widened as he gazed at the most beautiful person he ever saw in his whole life.

Her long blonde hair was tumbled to the floor sticking to her sweat masked face. Her unique lavender eyes held so many mixed emotions as her eyelashes gently swept along her flushed cheeks. The girls porcelain skin was dirtied with mud and other substances.

From the hard way she was breathing, he could tell that she went through something.

"" she muttered her eyes glazing over a bit.

"Hey! Oh god...Sakura! Go get Solomon-sama!"

Sakura nodded and sprinted to the temple. Leaving Yoza and the unknown beauty alone.

She looked the same age as Sakura but a bit older. She seemed relaxed but he could clearly see the wounds decorated on her porcelain skin.

Sighing he picked her up and started to walk back to the temple.

"Yoza!" Roared a deep voice.

He turned to see a bulky figure of a man with long vermillion hair. He had dark rings around his eyes maybe from his insomnia. His priest outfit flapped in the air as he ran towards Yoza with hurry.

"Anubis-sama, this girl..." Yoza started placing the child in his bulky arms. He stared at her as he nodded silently muttering words in another language.

"Come, Yoza. I need to tell you some things."

[Inuyasha's P.O.V]

The half-demon stopped and faced in the direction towards the Tsuki-temple. The smell was different then a demon, or a simple human.

It was a heavenly pure bliss to his nose.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked turning to face her crush with curiosity.

"Hm? Oh yeah, lets go"

"Are you sure?"



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