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Niall's Pov

"I'm so excited! I can't wait!" Zayn spoke as we were all standing back stage. Let me fill you up a bit, our On The Road Again tour, was starting just now. The lads and I were all waiting back stage getting ready for when it's time for us to appear on the stage. 

I could hear the fans screaming in excitement, it was good to be back. However, it would've been better if we started tomorrow or any other day than today. Today wasn't really my day, first Harry and I had a bit of an arguement in the morning, and he's on his nerves so if I basically do one mistake he wouldn't mind spanking me on stage.

You could also say that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, as I am so grumpy and tired. In addition to all of what's going on, Louis is being so annoying right now, and is acting so bossy like he's some sort of queen or something.

Zayn was jumping up and down the whole time from excitement, "Zayn, would you please stop? You're going to tire yourself out before the concert, and we need all you energy, so please stop." Louis ordered him, see what I mean?

Zayn instantly obeyed him, and just stood there until Liam pulled him to his side as they cuddle for a bit. "So Haz, are you excited?" I watched in jealousy as Louis walked closer to Harry, till they were only inches away.

Harry smiled "yeah, I'm so happy that we get to do what we're best at again!" I watched as they hugged, making a fire appear in my eyes, and smoke come out from my ears. If Louis bothers me one more time, I'm going to teach him a fucking lesson, I don't even care if he's older than me, unless he starts acting his age.

Louis smirked at me as he and Harry shared a hug, making me growl and clench my fists while looking away. What the fuck was his problem?!

"Okay guys, let's do the hand thing!" Louis spoke after pulling away from their 'hug'. I grumbled while shaking my head, "what was that Niall?" Louis asked while raising his eyebrow, I rolled my eyes "I said that you aren't the boss of me, and I'm not going to do whatever you want me to do!" 

"What the hell is your problem Niall?!" Louis glared at me, "you want to know what my problem is? You are my problem!" I growled back.

"I'd like you to repeat what you said!" He challenged while walking real close to me. Ha! he thinks I'm afraid of him?! Well he better think twice, because if anything he should be the one afraid of me.

I walked closer to him with a smirk on my face, "I'd love to repeat that, but I don't like repeating things so maybe what I'll give you right now will make you never forget yeah?!" and with that I threw a hard punch to his face, making him double over in pain.

"Niall!" I gulped as I heard Harry's voice boom. Shit, I totally forgot about him. "Come with me now!" Harry angrily said as he dragged me to the nearest bathroom, I was terrified for I was so going to get it.

"I don't know what's your problem! I've told you that the attitude needs to stop, but if you're going to disobey me and whine about it, then I'll give you something to whine about!

Harry spanked me in a total of 40, which let me tell you hurt a lot, and it's bad enough that the concert is going to start in less than 15 minutes.

"What's going on with you today baby boy?" Harry asked me as he pulled me closer to him, as I continued crying in his chest.

"I just, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and the small arguement we had in the morning didn't help my situation, and Louis has been for some reason annoying me, and now after I've calmed down I realized that I thought of that only because I was angry, and tired! I'm so sorry Haz." I apologized, hanging my head down in shame.

Harry kissed my head, before lifting my chin up so my eyes could meet his. He pecked my lips "Ni, I want you to forget about our arguement in the morning, it was stupid anyways! Now how about you wash your face, then we go out and apologize to Lou, yeah?" I nodded as we both got up, and he waited for me till I was finished with washing my face.

"Lou? I'm so sorry!" I cried while running into his arms, I smiled in relief once I felt him kiss my forehead, "it's okay baby boy, we all have our bad days, but just don't ever let it get to you, okay?" I nodded as he hugged me a little bit tighter. 

"Lads, it's time!" Someone came and told us, making us all nod and get into our positions. However, of course not before we did our hand thing, and had a group hug.

We have the best group hugs, my favorite of all.

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