Chapter 2: Convictions & A Duty To Fulfill

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After witnessing the destruction of the place they once called home, everyone who made it onto the boat sat in silence or shivered with despair as you all travelled to Wall Rose. While you were sitting still hugging your knees wondering where your father and sister were, your mother began to make noises and stir around. You looked towards her in worry and brought her head onto your lap as she opened her eyes.

"Mom?" You called her as she looked around in a daze before her vision cleared and she looked up to see you.

"Y/N..." She reached for your face and caressed your cheek as you held her hand as it gave you some warmth. "Are you okay?" She asked you.

"Yeah...I'm okay..." You said as she turned her head to look and see she was on a boat with a bunch of scared and despaired people. "Ngh..." She groaned as she tried to push herself up.

"Don't push yourself too hard..." You said as she sat up and against the wall next to you.

"I'll be okay..." She said as she looked to see Eren and Mikasa sat near you two, but grew confused when she didn't see his mother. "Where's Carla...?" She wondered as she looked to find her, but couldn't before she took a closer look to see the traumatized look on his face. "Oh, no...Carla..." She thought as tears streamed from her eyes and she covered her face to silently weep for the loss of her friend.

You looked over at Eren as he cried while gripping his fists tightly before he opened and stared down at his own hands. You looked to see the marks on his skin that indicated he tried to lift something heavy, as there was some scratches on him as well. As a tear fell into the palm of his hand he suddenly shut it tightly as you looked to see a different look on his face as he stood up to head towards the edge of the ship.

"I'll kill them." He said as you watched him jaw-dropped as only you, Armin and Mikasa noticed what he was saying and doing.

"Eren..." Mikasa stood up with worry as you stood up as well.

"What's wrong, Eren?" Armin asked as he tried to place a hand on his shoulder, but Eren shoved it away. "Eren?" He was confused by his friend's actions as Eren grabbed the rail of the ship and looked out to the land.

"I'll kill them all!" He said with fury as you got a closer look and saw the face of hatred he had on his face. "I'll wipe everyone one of the face of this earth!" He said as the fiery rage in his tear streaming eyes could melt any metal it came in contact with.

"Eren..." Was all Armin could mutter as the words he spoke tugged a certain string in your heart you didn't know was there.

After a long ride into Wall Rose, the boat finally made it's journey to the next set of walls where the Garrison was waiting in shock to see how many people had arrived. You were all taken to the town just outside of Trost district, close to the outer gate. Once the ship was stopped and everyone was being let off, your mother and Armin's grandfather ushered the four of you to the refugee area that would house everyone until further instructions could be given to the Garrison and other lord's of the Trost District. Survivors of the attack were given supper, though it was rationed out with a capped limit of goods, meaning everyone only got enough food that would satisfy their needs for the current night. After eating in silence among the rest of the refugee's, the Garrison was able to clear stables and old war houses to be used as temporary housing. Once dusk had fallen over the lands, the Garrison set a curfew for everyone and you all went to sleep where ever you could, with your small group of survivors and a lot of other people sleeping on the cold hard floor. As you all slept, your mother did the best she could to give the four of you kids the motherly warmth that you all probably needed. If one of you tossed around in your sleep, she would whisper calming words into your ears as gently run her fingers through your hair and if need be, she would place your heads on her lap to make you more comfortable for a while. Due to his old age, Armin's grandfather was unable to really keep watch over the children, but this didn't bother your mother as she offered to watch you all for the night. As she did watch you four sleep however, the sound of footsteps walking through the ware house you were in came closer and closer as she looked around in the dark to see who was awake.

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