"..Hey." Tyler said.

"H-Hi.." I replied.

We were both stiff.

"Oh hey baby! I see you've met our new houseguest. She'll be staying with us for a while. Oh and your sister is on her way to meet her. She's so excited." The lady said.

"Oh uh.. ok." He replied.

"Come with me honey." The lady said to me. I followed her in the kitchen.

"That's my grandson, Tyler. His mom died a while back so he's been staying with me." She said as she started cracking eggs.

I nodded.

"Have you eaten today?" She asked.

"Um. No ma'am." I replied.

She just smiled at me.

"You have such great manners! I wish I could say the same that damn boy. But you can call me Mama." She said.

"Ok...Mama." I said.

She smiled and nodded.

"Mama, I'll be right back." Tyler said, coming in to the kitchen.

"Boy. You just got here." Mama said, putting her hand on her hip.

"I know but Adrian wants me to come pick him up." He replied.

"Oh ok well come right back when you're done, you hear me?" She said.

"Yes Mama." He said dryly and kissed her on the cheek.

"Uh nice meeting you uhh...-

"Kayla" I said, finishing his sentence.

"Uh yeah. Bye Kayla." He said walking out of the kitchen.

"Bye." I replied before sighing.

This is gonna be so weird.

~30 Minutes Later~

I was helping Mama make macaroni and cheese. It smelled so good! She cut the radio on and Stay With Me by Sam Smith came on. I started humming at first then before I knew it, I was singing loud.

"Ooo child! You can sing! You need to be on American Voice or whatever the hell those shows are called." Mama said.

I started laughing. This woman is real funny and she isn't afraid to tell the truth. She real old school.

We finished cooking and sat plates on the table. Then, once again, the front door opened.

"Mamaaaaa! Where you at and where's my new baby sister?!" A female voice yelled.

I heard a loud pair of heels making their way towards the kitchen. When the girl stepped in, I dropped my fork and my jaw did the same. She was fine! I'm not bisexual or anything like that but this girl was sexy!! She was tatted probably everywhere but her face and she had dimple piercings. She was hella thick too.

"Why you always telling when you come in my house girl?" Mama asked the girl.

"As I'm sorry Mama. I'm just excited!" She replied with a huge smile.

"Well calm your titties. She's over there eating. Don't be bothering her." Mama said, pointing over to me.

"Oh my stars!!!! She is so pretty!!!!" The girl squealed as she came over to me.

Oh Lord. Please save me. I stood up to shake her hand but she pulled me into almost a bear hug.

"I'm Michelle! What's your name?" She asked.

"Kayla." I replied.

"Ooo that's a cute name by ima call you Keke, okay?" She said.

I laughed and nodded.

"Cool, well ima go change out of this because my feet are killing me!" Michelle said as she got up from he table and went upstairs.

"By the way, Michelle doesn't live here. She has a husband and a child but she comes here from time to time. That's why there are clothes in your closet." Mama explained.

I nodded and continued eating. Damn, this was good!

Michelle came back down and made her a plate. We talk d and got to know each other better. She is hilarious and seems like she's always happy. She says her husband and son are the main reason why she has such a happy spirit. That's cool. I can't see myself getting married or having kids. I guess that's not my style?

-Sorry If this chapter was boring

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