Chapter 12

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*Amelia's POV*

150 years today since Elijah and Niklaus had died. I drank a glass of bourbon in their honour. I stood up and walked past the body of a female that I had killed a bit earlier.

Looking out of the window of the compound, I saw the sun rise and people emerge from stores and their houses. They laughed and smiled which made me feel angry. "How dare they be happy" I snarled to myself.

"Are you being bitter again?" A voice called

"Marcel, it is a sensitive time for me right now so I expect you show a little respect and leave me be" I glared at him until he got the point

"Okay okay" he raised his hands in surrender "I was just saying that some night walkers are kicking off a fuss, what would you like me to do about it?"

"Kill the leader, and only the leader, show them who is boss" I instructed and watched Marcel leave to pass the message along.

I've been running New Orleans for a long time. I normally wander around the compound but because I'm so angry, it's best for me not to.

I met Marcel when I first came here, he helped me gain more control of my thirst and to console me. He told me that Niklaus and Elijah were like family to him, and it comforted me to be near someone that cared for them almost as much as I did.

Years passed and Marcel was unable to run the city, that's when I took charge. I made some strict rules, but it kept vampires in charge and wolves/witches inferior.

So basically, Marcel is my right hand man, does the things I don't want to and runs the city under my instructions when I feel like being alone.

I heard some chanting from downstairs "Jesus Christ" I sighed and made my way downstairs

"What the hell is going on?" I shouted, ripping the leg of the table and snapping it in half with my leg. I caught the attention of the night walkers in the compound "who is in charge of this, fiasco?" I asked and saw someone emerge

"That would be me" the man smiled

"Oh" I laughed "Jake, I thought you had died by now, what's this about?"

"We want daylight rings" he demanded, my smile turned to a frown and I tilted my head

"Want gets you nowhere" I shouted as I grabbed his arm and snapped it "you have to prove yourself to get on, not start a riot" I plunged the table leg into his chest and watch his body hit the ground

"Make this a lesson to all of you" Marcel shouted "now get back to whatever the hell you were doing"

I walked back up to my room with Marcel quickly following behind

"I didn't want to kill him" he started

"Marcel, that's how we stay the superior race, we kill, I do not tolerate rebels" I sighed

"You're normally nice, what is it? Is it because today was the day Elijah..." I cut him off

"Don't you dare talk about that"

"The day Elijah died was today, your bound to be upset, but do not take it on my men" he said

"Your men?" I laughed "I am the one that kept the vampires in charge Marcel, if it was up to you, we would have been six feet under" I spat

"I know, right, I'm sorry" he looked at the ground "but still, I know your upset"

"You don't know the half of it Marcel, yes I am far from upset, I have been in the stage of despair for 150 years but you don't know the half of it" I argued

"What is the other half?" He quickly snapped

"I wish I was dead Marcel!" I shouted "every time my eyes close or when I'm asleep, I see him, but I can't touch him yet I feel at peace with myself, but then I cannot leave because I fear he is not on the other side, he is not waiting for me" I sobbed

"Millie, I had no idea" he quietly said "you always seem so strong"

"When you find true love, it does stay with you, despite where the person has gone, I stay strong for the both of us" I smile "but sometimes I can't"

"I understand that" he added

"You know, when I left the other week, I do what I always did, I put pink roses where his body lay when he died" I shrugged and looked out of the window again "I see these people and I don't know what I feel, anger because they're happy or sadness because they're going to die soon and leave whoever they love behind" I let out a laugh

"Millie, you'll always love him, and you'll always care for Klaus but it's time to move on" Marcel laid a hand on my shoulder and I tried to hide the tear that rolled down my cheek.

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