Kalpi looked at herself in the mirror and was in daze “ oh my god beti you look so beautiful “ Sarita said happily, “ thanks maa….I can’t believe I’m actually getting married “ Kalpi said, still in a daze. Just then a soft knock sounded Kalpi’s room door “ where is the blushing bride to be ? “ Guru said as he walked in smiling “ there she is !!! “ Guru said happily and walking in with Kabir and Pakhi both smiling happily, “ you look beautiful “ Kabir said as he hugged her, “ thanks’ guys “ Kalpi smiled. After everyone left, Pakhi was with Kalpi alone, fixing her jewelry “ you ready to become Mrs. Raghav Singhania ? “ Pakhi teased, Kalpi nodded smiling, “ I’m gonna tell you, Raghav is gonna die after he sees you in this “ Pakhi said excitedly, Kalpi giggled.

Raghav paced the hall, “ dude chill….she’ll be right down “ Sammy said, “ I’m chill….I’m chill “ Raghav said nervously, “ uuhhh no your not “ Sammy said, “ Sam what happened she does not want to get married ?? what if she does not love me, what if ---“ but Raghav was stopped “ dude…just chill. Kalpi loves you and you love Kalpi “ Sammy said, Raghav nodded. After sometime Balraj came up to Raghav “ Raghav…they are ready…” Balraj said, Raghav nodded and went up to the mandap and sat down on the chair and waited eagerly, Kalpi came down a moment later with Pakhi and Sarita by her side, “ be happy “ Balraj said and lead her to the mandap. Kalpi climbed and stood in front of Raghav, “ please exchange you garlands “ the pandit said, Kalpi placed hers around Raghav’s neck and Raghav placed his around her neck. After the exchanged their garlands they sat down and the wedding rituals started.

“ Please stand and walk around the fire “ the pandit said, Raghav and Kalpi both stood, Raghav took the lead first, going around the fire 7 times, and then Kalpi did the same for another 7 times. They both sat down again and the pandit gave Raghav the mangalsutra to tie it around Kalpi neck, Raghav took it and looked at Kalpi and smiled, he then leaned forward the tied the mangalsutra around her neck, and kissed her shoulders and pulled away slowly, “ now you are mine forever “ Raghav said seductively, Kalpi blushed and looked down.

Everyone was having a good time “ congratulation !!! “ Pakhi said as she hugged Kalpi tightly, “ thank you “ Kalpi smiled and hugged back, “ Hey congrats lil sis “ Kabir said and hugged her, “ thank you..and thank you for coming “ Kalpi said, “ wouldn’t  miss it for the world “ Guru said and hugged her. “ so how does it feel to be a married man ? “ Sammy teased Raghav, “ feels great…now she’s stuck with me forever “ Raghav said proudly, “ really ? “ Kalpi asked as she stood beside him, “ really… “ Raghav said and kissed her forehead, “ Kalpi…where is Pakhi ? “ Sammy asked as he searched for her, “ she’s outside in the garden “ Kalpi smiled, Sammy excused himself and rushed out, “ I’m still wondering when is he going to pop that question “ Kalpi sighed, “ soon “ Raghav said, Kalpi looked at him “ how do you know ? “ Kalpi asked with her eyebrows raised, “ I just know “ Raghav smiled and gulped his drink, Kalpi shook her head and hugged him, “ love you “ Kalpi said as she looked up at him, “ love you too….and I can’t wait to get you out of that ghagra choli “ Raghav teased, “ chee “ Kalpi said and pushed him, and walked away, Raghav chuckled and put his glass down and went after her.

After of hour of mingling, Pakhi came running towards Kalpi, “ Kalpi…it’s time “ Pakhi whispered to Kalpi, “ Ok…” Kalpi nodded and smiled shyly. Pakhi managed to steer Kalpi away upstairs and get her ready for the wedding night. “ You ready…” Pakhi teased as she took out Kalpi’s bridal jewelry and placed it on her vanity table, “ sort off “ Kalpi said looking down and finding her dupatta, “ come on Kalpi….you guys love each other….don’t worry “ Pakhi said, giving Kalpi a side hug and left the room for Raghav. Raghav was talking to Sammy when Pakhi came downstairs and came and stood beside Sammy and smiled, “ Pakhi…where is Kalpi, I don’t see her anywhere ? “ Raghav asked suddenly being nervous, “ relax…she’s upstairs…waiting for you “ Pakhi teased and she pointed to the stairs, Raghav looked at the stairs and then looked back at them “ well go on….” Sammy teased as he pushed Raghav towards the stairs, Raghav stumbled a little and headed upstairs.

Raghav stopped in front of Kalpi’s room and paced up and down the corridor trying to calm himself. After a few minutes of pacing on the corridor, Raghav took a deep breath and opened the door slowly and saw Kalpi standing at the window, smiling, he quietly closed and locked the door and made his way towards her. Kalpi looked out when she felt two arms wrapping around her waist and pulled her back to his chest. “ hey “ Raghav whispered and placed his chin on Kalpi shoulder, “ hey to you too “ Kalpi said and turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around him and hugged Raghav tightly, after sometime Raghav let Kalpi go and unwrapped her dupatta from her and carried her bridal style to the bed and laid her down. He, removed his head piece and laid down beside her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Raghav rolled over and pulled Kalpi towards him so she was on top of him and deepened the kiss.

After sometime he rolled Kalpi over and started kissing her on her on the neck, going down to her cleavage and her tummy, Kalpi arched her body forward and moaned, she entwined her fingers in his hair and pulled him upwards towards her lips, he hitched her ghagra upwards and pulled her so she straddled him. Kalpi looked at Raghav and smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, Raghav managed to loosen her dori and pulled down her choli and kiss her neck more passionately. They manage to remove each other clothes and continued kissing. “ I love you so much “ Raghav whispered as he looked at her, Kalpi smiled and brushed her thumb over his lips and kissed him “ I love you too…my husband “ Kalpi said, Raghav smiled “ my wife “ he whispered and laid her back down and made love to her.

They laid in each other arms later on, with their legs entangled and breathing deeply, “ I can’t believe we are married “ Raghav said, “ yeah me too “ Kalpi said hugging Raghav tighter and burying her face in his neck and kissed him and smiled. “ I can’t wait until we have children “ Raghav asked, Kalpi looked up and tilted her head “ you want children ? “ Kalpi asked, “ as long you are their mother “ Raghav smiled and pulled her close, “ really “ Kalpi said, Raghav nodded, Kalpi smiled and kissed him and laid her head and closed her eyes.

The next morning Kalpi said her goodbyes to the family “ I’m going to miss you “ Balraj said as he hugged her “ I’ll miss you too papa “ Kalpi said with tears in her eyes “ take care of her ok Raghav “ Balraj said as he looked at Raghav “ I will uncle “ Raghav smiled and hugged him, “ maa “ Kalpi smiled, “ have a good married life beti…love you “ Sarita said and hugged her and then Raghav, Kalpi moved to Pakhi and smiled “ Gonna miss you at our house, you giving me long lectures and helping me out “ Pakhi said crying, “ Don’t cry Pakhi….I’m gonna miss you too “ Kalpi said and hug her tightly. Kalpi waved back at her family and got into the car and sat beside Raghav. “ You ok ? “ Raghav asked holding her hands, Kalpi nodded and smiled.

10 minutes later they reached the Singhania’s Villa and got out. Gauri and Vikram welcomed their new bahu to their house “ Come “ Gauri said happily and she ushered Kalpi in, Kalpi smiled and touched their feet, “ bless you beti “ Vikram said. After lunch, Raghav carried Kalpi to their bedroom and put her down in the middle of the room, “ welcome home Mrs. Raghav Singhania “ Raghav smirked and pulled her close and kissed her, “ thank you Mr. Raghav Singhania “ Kalpi smiled, “ love you “ Raghav said, “ love you too “ Kalpi said and kissed him deeply.

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