Chapter 3

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Taylor's POV

Makenzie and Nash are dating. Don't get me wrong it's cute, but Nash is the kind of person who likes sex. And Makenzie isn't ready for a kid. I'd love a Niece or nephew, but Makenzie being 16, would be a good mother, but too young to realize she made a mistake of having a kid so young. I want her to enjoy her life. And having a baby, would just make it a living hell. "Taylor! Come here! I need help!" I rushed down the stairs to the bathroom where Makenzie was yelling from. "What? are you okay???" "no Taylor. I'm not okay." She whimpered. "I have prom and I already bought my dress but I have put on 20 pounds!" "It's okay Makenzie. Have you and Nash, ya know. Had. Um. Sex?" "yeah. Once..." "OMG TAYLOR I THINK I MIGHT BE PREGNANT!" she started panicking and crying her whole body trembling. "It's okay. Well get a test and if you are pregnant we will take good care of your baby." I tried to calm her down but she was still in a state of panic. Nash walked into the room alarmed by Makenzie's loud cries. "Makenzie baby are you okay???" He asked her sadly lifting her up and kissing her. "Nash. We need to talk." She says I nod and leave the room so they could talk.

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