Two Can Share Pain

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Along the next few days, things had started out rather awkward with Ivan and Gilbert. Well, at least it seemed that way from Gilbert's point of view. If anything, the whole "incident" involving the two had made Ivan even more childish and bubbly. Gilbert had become concerned as to whether or not Ludwig had noticed the incredibly thick and humid atmosphere floating between the two.

"I'll be back by six-thirty." Ivan told them cheerfully. The lovely weekend had soon faded into weekdays, and the Russian had the pleasure of going to work. At least, that's what he tended to call it. In reality, it was a workshop for students in the law enforcement field. The two Germans had just recently discovered that Ivan had began school just a few months ago. He took classes online while going to hands-on workshops every once and awhile. Once his courses were completed, then he'd begin training. Apparently, he worked all week and once during the weekend at a local market. He had taken off that day. The only way Ivan could afford that big-ass house was because he held the family fortune.

It appeared that the elder had a lot on his hands-not to mention a few kids to bother with. Easily finding themselves pitying the man, Gilbert and Ludwig began doing little "chores" around the house that Ivan would usually tend to. Laundry, the dishes, cleaning-anything normal for the children of the house. No matter how much Ivan insisted he do it, the brothers just couldn't bring themselves to let poor Ivan work his ass off even more than he had previously. It just wasn't right.

The day slipped past with Ludwig and Gilbert completing any simple task to be finished. Afterwards, they took that time to give themselves a tour of the large residence. They found themselves entranced by each and every room. Ivan's, while it still had junk scattered here and there, was still breathtaking nonetheless. A king-sized bed lay tucked to the back of the centred wall, scarlet sheets draped neatly over them.

Hesitantly, Gilbert took a step inside, Ludwig following after. He started towards the bed, running his fingers over the smooth fabric. It was even softer than the one he and Ludwig shared! His eyes drifted towards the nightstand, where a small lamp and an overturned magazine sat. In curiosity, he lifted the object, then began to skim through the pages. Once realising what the contents were, he stopped at a random page. Two masculine men rested near each other, limbs scrambled together and lips slammed together in eager and intimate ecstasy. The not-present censorship of their lower regions only made it worse. Gilbert could feel warmth spreading towards his face-his pale skin making his flushed appearance incredibly obvious.

A tug on the albino's over-sized t-shirt caused him to slam the magazine shut. His eyes drifted down towards the source.

"What's that?" Ludwig asked, his big blue eyes glimmering with curiosity and innocence.

Not having prepared an answer, Gilbert replied with, "It's the Bible." Surprisingly enough, that had worked. Obviously not finding the subject of Christianity interesting, Ludwig strolled away to begin scanning other sections of the room.

With a barely audible sigh, Gilbert reached down to set the dreaded magazine just as he had found it.

"Enjoying yourselves?" a sudden and familiar voice inquired, annoyance biting at the tone.

The elder German's heart stuttered and then stopped before starting up again. Both he and Ludwig stared speechlessly at Ivan, their faces pink with embarrassment. Suddenly, all of his struggles to come up with an excuse came out a stream of divided stutters. Ludwig bolted behind Gilbert in weak yet successful attempt to hide himself from the annoyed Russian's sight. That was one good part about being a little brother.

"Um, I . . ." he trailed off, each of his knees bumping against the other.

Seeing the teenager's fear, Ivan quickly made an attempt to calm him. "It's fine!" he insisted, walking up to the albino and blond before patting them both on the back. "Just," he began. "Try to ask before you go snooping around." he said. "Please?"

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