Underground Grinding

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(If you think I'm a brony I'm not. I just like the song cover.)

I smiled at my creation. There was a game truck outside above the ground, food catered by Red Lobster, Mad World playing, and LJ obviously scaring little mortal children.

"All around me are familiar bullies," Zalgo sung in my ear.

"All so crazy, all so crazy..." I sung with him.

"Started out with just my good intentions..."

"Getting nowhere..."

"Getting nowhere."

We laughed together. I tugged on his arm and pointed to the party happily. He chuckled.

"Yes, I know my Ambrosia Flower. You did most of this."

"Hey! Can I grind with your girl?" A man with pitch black hair and dark grey eyes came up to us.

"Piss off." Zalgo seethed.

The boy held his hands up in defense and backed away into the crowd.

"Zalgo, why are you so protective? I'm not leaving you."

He grabbed my hips and led me into the haunted house.

"Come on, Zalgo. It's not scary anymore since I saw everything."

"This is our party and we have to go through the haunted house multiple times."

He smacked my butt and winked.

"Besides, it's dark in there.~"

I smiled and walked in with him. A cat with pitch black eyes and mouth formed in a circle with some sharp teeth ran in my path, much like that dumb kids show cat. Heh, we have live props. We had EJ eating somebody's kidney, Jeff carved smiles in his victims, BEN chained people and tortured them, and all the while LJ laughed hysterically. It was beyond gorgeous. Zalgo grabbed my hips.

"What are you doing, Zalgo?"

He started grinding on me. I followed his movements. He leaned over and inhaled my scent, nipping at my neck before letting go. I giggled.

"Let's go..." He rubbed his neck bashfully.

'Did you really.' (Y/N) said.

'I was going to let you see BEN but...'

'Oh god! Never mind I apologize!'

'You'd better.'

I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

'Can I please go play games with BEN?'




I let (Y/N) out.

(Y/N)'s POV)

I ran straight to the game truck and climbed inside.

"BEN?! You in here?"

I stepped over people playing Minecraft, COD, GTA, and Mario Karts.

"Sorry, 'scuse me, oops, watch out."

BEN pulled my arm. He was playing Minecraft.

"BEN!" I snuggled him.

"(Y/N)." He chuckled and patted my head.

I smacked him across the face playfully.

"All I get is a hello?"

He snuggled into my hair and continued playing. I grabbed a remote and mined diamonds with him. He ruined my diamond mansion. I went ahead and grabbed a bucket of water then dumped it in his dumb underground home.

"Hey! Stop!"

"Go fix my mansion."

He pouted and slumped down in his seat and began to fix my mansion. I kept destroying his home and filled it with lava. Then I dumped endermans in it.

"Quit being destructive!"

"But it's funny."

"Not when you're melting my fabulous house apart."

"Do you wonder what it's like to be in these video games?"

"I can help."


In a flash he teleported me into COD.

"Why COD? Why not GTA?"

"Because you know nothing about COD and I can take advantage of you." He equipped a gun and shot me. I rubbed the spot he shot me.

"Well played." I shot him in the face. He shot me in the chest. I shot him in the eye. He shot me in the shoulder. Then I shot him in his area. When he was recovering from the shock I ran to hide.


In a blink of my eye we were in GTA.

"Oh. My. Gosh. We could go to the beach! Or shop! Or go to a shooting range! Or see Franklin! Or-

"I get it, (Y/N). We'll see everything." He chuckled.

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