Chapter 4

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It's winter break and where was I? In a rehab, yes I did drugs yes I tried to commit suicide yes I cut myself everyday but the drugs took away the pain so I did them every day. I returned to school after winter break and this is the part where I get more humiliated and talked about and stared at but I can take all the staring and the whispering and the laughing I did a few months ago right? So there I was walking to my locker while everyone was whispering and then I felt someone tap on my should I turned around and it was kelly "Kelly you can stop talking to me now you'll just get made fun of too so I'd save yourself and just walk away from me now" I said "Best friends forever right Katy" kelly said " Yeah kelly best friends" she smiled after I said that " Well if we were best friends Kelly where the Hell were you those last few months KELLY!? HUH WHERE!?" she just stood there " yeah that's what I thought too" and I walked away. Kelly didn't look at me for the whole week let alone talked to me. I felt bad for saying that to her but she kinda deserved it to because she just left me there you know she didn't even come to visit me while I was in the hospital just to see if I was okay? Yes kelly the bestest friends ever.

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