Crap I say usually

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I was tagged by MarshmallowFluff314 so....



1.  "Shut up!"

2. "Get out!"

3. "You are too close, go away!"

4. "I hate you!"

5. "Please go die in hell!" (I know, I don't seem like the type to say that, but I'm a completely different person at school, Marsh would know)

6. "I like food!"

7. "Is it bad that...."

8. "It's because I'm white/Asian that I...."

9. "Leave me alone!"

10. "Why me?"

So those are the things I say on a daily basis...... Yeah I'm messed up on so many levels......

I nominate GravityFoals Haylox hhii77 and Katystar243 good luck!
*Leaves a bloody trail of Death*

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