Chapter 3

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So it was two months into school Kelly left me for the popular ones so I was left alone for the last two months. Everyday I was here I would just sit and eat lunch in the bathroom I was too scared to eat in the lunch room. People just made fun of me every more. So I cut and cut and cut until I cried enough tears for that day and you may think why am I cutting if they weren't calling you names well let me tell you the names they were calling me, whore,slut,skank,cunt,bitch,lardo,fatty, and many more. So I just cut for two months then one day I changing my pants and Kelly walked into the girls locker room and saw my cuts and I didn't know she was there "Katy what are those" Kelly said "Oh you know my cat can get really aggressive when you play with him sometimes"I said. "Katy" she cried " I can't watch you suffer like this anymore I'm so sorry for doing this to you this is all my fault" she said "it's not all your fault but hey don't beat yourself up over it I've been trying to kill myself for months don't worry I'll get out of everybody's hair soon Kell don't worry" I said as I walked away.

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