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(Eren POV)

Uhh where am I??..I said to myself I found myself laying on the ground but why?? I started to think about it I then remembered about what happened..

Levi kicked my horse towards a tree on purpose but why??..Everything I did for them I sealed the wall for them??..Anger started to boil up inside me until I couldn't hold it anymore..

YOU FUCKING TRAITORS!!!! I screamed in tears

Armin I thought we were going to look at the ocean together and adventure outside the walls guess that was a bunch of bullshit

Mikasa I thought you were going to stay through the thick and thin,right or wrong if I would've known that this would've happened I wouldn't of saved you from the kidnappers that Day..I said in tears

I then realized that I was in titan territory so I calmed down I looked around to see if my horse some how managed to make it but I found it laying dead near the tree so I knew that wasn't an option so I had to walk on foot I would transform into a Titan but that would attract Titans...

I looked for my ODM gear..but when I found it it was broken so I decided to walk on foot but stayed in the shadows because I did not want to Risk began seen by a Titan

As I continued to walk I came across some Dead soldiers I walked towards them but what I saw made my heart stop

On a tree was Petra with her head smashed against and blood splattered everywhere..I felt really bad for her because she was the only one who was nice to me

As I continued to look around I see Oulo on the ground dead I assume but then he begins to talk I walk over to him and kneel down to look at him

Eren??..(COUGH) that you?? (COUGH)..Oluo said while spitting out blood in the process

Yea oluo it's me Eren what happened to everybody??..I asked with a serious tone

That female titan (COUGH) came out of no where(COUGH) and killed Petra and eld but Gunther got killed by a soldier that we thought it was captain Levi but it wasn't (COUGH)

Listen Eren I don't (COUGH) have enough time but I just want to say am (COUGH) Sorry for the way I treated you( COUGH) we tried to stop Levi from doing what he did to you (COUGH) but he told us if we tried he will(COUGH) kill us..Petra attacked him out of anger so did we because we thought that if we lost you there will be no future in the walls but then that(COUGH) DAMN FEMALE TITAN!! (COUGH) came out of nowhere but while that happened Levi got away and left us to die (COUGH)(COUGH)

I just stood there shocked because they put there lives in danger for me and there lives got taken in the process..I said with tears

I Forgive you oluo all of you!!! rest my brother you don't have to suffer no more..I said

kill these Bastards for us show that they made a mistake for leaving you (COUGH)(COUGH) oluo said with a smile

I will my brother Now rest my brother..I said with tears

With that oluo passed away but with a smile on his face..

I then got up and walked over towards Petras body and picked her bride style and placed her body near oluos body and then grabbed both of there capes and put them aside..Then began to gather rocks that I found and made a grave out of rocks for them both and folded there capes and placed them on top as I got done with there grave...Next Then carved there names and said some positive stuff about them on a big rock and placed it in between both of there graves and then I grabbed two swords and made a x with them...the clouds all the sudden got Dark and it began to rain and thunder....

I will make them pay for what they have done I will Avenge all of y'all you have my word I said with that I walked and shot my hooks to two near by trees and layed on a tree branch with leave on top that provided cover from the rain...

That day I made a vow that I will avenge all my fallen comrades and make the survey corps and kings inside the walls Pay..

I fell asleep with murder on my mind at that moment..

I just had to go my grandpa's funeral these past days and decided to not pick up the phone

But I will be updating soon.!!!

Leave ideas of anything in the comments

Thank you..See ya next time!!!

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