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"Hayami-chan! Wait!"

The petite and as usual smiling girl runs up to me.

"Masumi, how many times do I have to tell you this? Just call me Maiko."

She nods hectically and continues to follow me to our classroom.
We're friends for almost a year now and yet she always refers to me the polite way.
I don't like it when people do that.



"Are you coming to the volleyball match of our schools boys team today?"

"I didn't even know we had a volleyball team."

"Is that a yes?"


She grins brightly while I keep my deadpan face as always.
We go into our classroom and sit down.

"It's just a training match but the team they're playing against has some really hot players so I was hoping-"

"I won't be your wingman if that's what you're hoping for."

"Oh come on! Just this once, pleaseee?"

"Why do you even date men? They're all boring as fuck, Masumi."

She pouts and crosses her arms.

"That's not true! You can't just throw them all in one pot!"

"Watch me."

Our teacher walks in and so our last class for today starts.

After school Masumi doesn't stop talking about that one guy from the opponents team.
She dreams about him the entire way home.

"Oh he's just so perfect~"

Masumi is my flatmate so it was impossible to avoid befriending her especially because she clings on to you like a tick.
We make a somewhat weird duo since I'm rather cold and quiet and she's all bubbly and cute and most off all talkative.

"Sumi... would you mind to just shut up for a minute?"

"Yes I would!"
She pouts and gets out the keys to our flat.

Altogether we're 3 girls living here.
Me, Masumi and my ex girlfriend Kozakura.
Kozakura is almost 19 now and Sumi and I are 16.
Kozakura and I didn't date for a long time until we decided that it just didn't work.
Not because we didn't like eachother just because we didn't love eachother romantically so we decided to stay friends.

Kozakura moved out of her parents house as soon as she turned 18 and I moved in with her soon after.
Masumi joined us since we searched for a third roommate so we'd be able to pay rent without living off the bare minimum.

Masumi's parents are divorced and are constantly on business trips so they thought it would be better for her to live together with others so she didn't have to be alone all the time.
That's also kinda of the origin story of our band.

"When does the game start?"

"I think 5 o'clock."

"Then we better hurry if you want to be on time."

I go up in my room to change into something more comfortable.
Baggy jeans, oversize shirt, no bra- perfect!

I jump on my bed and scroll through my instagram feed.
After 5 minutes I get bored already and look outside my window.
There are barely any leaves left on the trees and the weather has turned quite cold.

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