Chapter One - Bike Raceing

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*Sarahs POV*

"SARAH!!!!! ," Sage screamed in my ear.

"What the hell do you want i'm trying to sleep."

"We are suppost to rent thoose two person bike things today," She replied.

"Oh, right give me time so i can get ready."

I took a quick shower then put on high waisted american eagle shorts, my frantastic monday sweater, maroon vans, i put in my nose ring, and put on my Connor Franta braclets. After that i lightly curled my hair and after that walked out to get Eve, Natilie, and Sage.

"Guys i'm ready"

"k let's go," they all said.

After we get the bikes

"Eve peddle faster we have to beat them!!"

"Bye Fuckers, " Sage and Natilie said peddling past us.

"I'm trying," Eve screamed.

"OH GOD!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Well if you weren't screaming at me we would have never crashed into this person," she replied.

*Mystery dudes POV*
I was walking down the street to go get me and the guys starbucks. I saw four people riding those two person bike things. Thoose bikes seem cool and i've always wanted to try them. Wait... the people on the bike!!! Its Lifes Revolution i haven't seen them since MInnestoa.

Flash Back

I'm currently at Digi Fest Minnesota with the guys from Our2ndLife because everyone misses us togeather since December 29, 2014. We are here to be special guests on stage with Lifes Revolution. They are the new biggest collab channel thta has ever been on YouTube. Nobody knows this but i secretly have a crush on Sarah. Today better not be the day for her to find out. We are both staying for a whole so maybe ma and her would have a chance to hang out.

On Stage (still flashback)

"okay guys, so we are going to play truth or dare," Jc said.

"Sam Truth or Dare," Jc asked.

"Dare," Sam replied.

"I dare you to do the grind on me dance," Jc replied.

"if you say so," Sam said.

Sam did his dare and all of the fans started going crazy. I don't know what it is with all those horny twelve year olds. Next it was my turn.

"Kian Truth or Dare,"Sam asked.

Me beeing me of course i would choose dare.


"I Dare you to kiss your crush," Sam said. Fuck he knows.

Back to real time

I must have walked into them when I spaced out cause I am now on the ground.

*Sarahs POV*

OMG the person we crashed into was Kian. Me and him text a lot but i haven't seen him in person since Minnesota.

"Oh My God Kian is that you?"

"SARAH," Kian screamed coming up to hug me. It felt so good to bein his arms again. And no we are not dating but we are really good friends. I guess we were hugging for to long because they were stareing at us.

"Kian !!!" Natilie screamed.

"Hey Natilie," he replied

After talking to Kian for a bit they all decided to give me and Kian some alone time.

"So ... I was going to get starbucks for Ricky and Jc would you want ot come?" Kian asked.

"Of course I would."

*Kians POV*

Yes she agreed to go to starbucks with me. Okay, so maybe I do still like her but who wouldn't shes amazing.

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