ex boyfriend part 2

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i went to my friends house this weekend. we went to wal mart to burn some time bc we were about to watch a movie. well in the car i was telling her about my ex boyfriend chapter and how i saw him at wal mart that day......WELL SPEAK OF THE DEVIL....he was there. my friend (Chyna) said "hey look its Dakota" and im like "no hes not you're kidding" "no im not, look!" then i run into the store and she like "ANA!!" and guess what 1.) she did that on purpose so he would know im there and 2.) he frickin heard her. ugh. so we were gonna go to the toys bc we are childish and act like 5 year olds sometimes but oh well...Chyna was looking at i think some disney princess toys and i look over and guess who i see "walking" into the lane we were in....Dakota. ((personally i think he did that on purpose but idk)) we had a awkward stare off and then he awkwardly backed out of the lane like nothing ever happened. Chyna said he must've been excited when he saw me bc he kept hitting his cousin's arm when he saw me. Chyna was like "how come you didn't say hi?" and im like "i haven't seen him since like may!!" and she was like "so" so i said "um....you know im kinda an awkward person and i didn't want to see him in the first place" then i saw him AGAIN and Chyna's mom was like "Ana look who it is" and im like "i know" i haven't talked to him since we broke up so i guess it was gonna be awkward?? idk. but man he went through puberty or something bc his voice got deeper *shakes head* and he taller than me now. we used to be the same height

~ Ana

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