technology is boring :\

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im siting in tech and almost falling asleep....OMG I JUST REMEMBERED THAT SCHOOL MIGHT BE CLOSD FOR ME TODAY AND TOMORROW!!!! i hate school....i wish school was a person so i can puch school off a bridge and mondays. im so bored. tech is almost over YAY!!!! my head hurts :( if you watch american horror story than i have two things to tell you: 1. i love you if you watch american horror story and 2. remember Meep from freak show?? his real name is Ben Woolf and he passed away yesterday (i think it was yesterday but all i know is that he passed away) i wanted to cry. i watched a interview with him in it and he seemed sooooooooooooooooo sweet!  this chapter just turned out to be a bunch of randomness oops...

~ Ana

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