Im 25 and a mother of a wonderfully crazy 4 yr old. I have the imagination of a 7 yr old most of the time and have no problem playing Barbies. Actually she normally looks at me like Im a crazy lunatic. She always tells me 'mom stop!' or 'mom be quiet!' hehe poor girl I think i embarrass her already.

For some unknown reason I have always had a thing for leprechauns, unicorns, and flamingos.
Support gay love and think It's sexxy as hell. I'd be a lesbian but to tell u the truth... Vag kinda freaks me out Haha and I have one.

I am not racist and don't like listening to you if you are. I make some references in my stories (like the British are comin') but I got the idea off the internet years ago of a website that had 101 things to do at walmart... that was one idea and one of my fave to do with my friends.

If AmyScence ever reads this...
I know more unicorns for your army...
Im not sure how your army fights, but mine are used to marshmallows
(you throw them at others and if they are hit they turn into a s'more... nobody can
resist them... keeps the prisons tidy and low on inmates)

superman wears Dean Winchester Pajamas.
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Description: Athena Celeste just moved into a new town and is still living out of her car. Looking for a job she lands the perfect job for her... Cleaning. What she doesn't know is that the seven boys she will be taking care of are more than human. Will the Alph...

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Saving the Prince

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Who knew those mythical creatures we humans always fantasize about were real. Not here on earth, but ano...

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I've only been on this planet for twenty-four years and I already feel like I've seen so much shit, it'd make Ghandi piss himself.
I thought jack met him at 14, took him at 15, and he was there for 5 or 6 years?  unless this is years down the road after he left moonstone with remi and the others.

The hunts were more frequent with the men and the women scurried around to clean up or care for the pups- Except Ivy. She left as often as possible, even with her pup's thirteenth birthday coming up.
I thought ivy and her sister were infertile? and holly or whatever her name is had the pups? I could be wrong though it's been about a month since I got to read.
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I haven't stopped. I promise, it's just hard to write with 4 little girls (2,6,6,7) work part time,  and go to school part time. a lot has changed in the last few months for me and I've been wanting to write but fall asleep before my computer even turns on. lol